Printable Ramadhan Calendars

One of the suggestions offered by seasoned fasters to help us during Ramadhaan is to use calendars and schedules.

If possible, set up a bulletin board in a central place in your home, like the kitchen. You can make a nice bulletin board using foam board, gift wrap paper, sheet protectors, glue, a small dry erase board, tape and some creativity. Get the whole family involved!

Here is an example of what one looks like. A foam poster board was covered in gift wrap paper. Then a small dry erase board was attached to the left side using foam tape. A small cork board was placed under the dry erase. Calendars are in the center. They are placed in sheet protectors (for more durability). A circular piece of velcro was attached to the back center of the sheet protector. And the other piece of stick-on velcro was attached to the foam board. The calendars can be taken down easily and a new month can be inserted into the sheet protector. Another calendar -this one is a yearly one- hangs to the right of the other calendars. On the right side, two note pads are added; one is a sticky note and the other is a regular note pad that was attached using tape. Finally, a small box for holding ink and dry erase pens was covered in gift wrap paper and attached using double stick tape.

Here is your blank calendar for the month of Ramadhan (Blank Ramadhan Calendar -pdf). You will need to write in the number of the day once we know when Ramadhan begins. Print on paper with designs or paper that is colored. You can find design-paper cheaply at dollar stores or at places like JoAnns or Michaels. I put my calendar in a sheet protector to write on it with a dry erase marker.

Here is another calendar (Ramadhan Daily Timed Weekly Calendar -pdf). This one is a blank daily timed planner for Sunday thru Saturday. Print out 4 of these so that you have enough for the entire month. Use pretty paper of course. Write your daily schedule on this planner. Hang in a place you will see it. Print out enough for each of your family members.

Another great calendar to use is the Family Fasting Tracker. JazaaKillahu Khayrn to the sister who developed it. Be sure to see all the wonderful Ramadhan calendars (and more) under the “Prepare for Ramadan” section at TJ jramadan. Lots of great stuff there!


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