Mosques gearing up for Ramadan

arab news logoThis is an article from 2009.

Mosques gearing up for Ramadan (Article Link)
Thursday 20 August 2009 (28 Sha`ban 1430)

Workers of private establishments hired for maintaining mosques have been asked to be on duty at night during the holy month to guarantee uninterrupted supplies of water and power.

 A pedestrian bridge at the entrance to Makkah is illuminated to welcome the holy month of Ramadan. (AN photo by Ahmad Hashad)

A pedestrian bridge at the entrance to Makkah is illuminated to welcome the holy month of Ramadan. (AN photo by Ahmad Hashad)

The Department of Mosques under the ministry operates more than 5,000 mosques in Riyadh alone while some mosques in remote areas have been built and run by philanthropists. Improvised partitions are being built
in mosques that do not have separate prayer halls for women worshipers. Some of the mosques are busy replacing old carpets with new ones and others are being color washed to give them a fresh look.

“We expect a larger congregation for Taraweeh prayers,” said Abdullah, the imam of a mosque in Riyadh’s Nasseriyah district. He said the holy month offers a good opportunity for Muslims to greet one another and engage in good deeds that would be richly rewarded by Almighty Allah. “We are making every effort to give the worshippers a conducive
environment to offer their prayers in serenity and peace,” he said.

Tents are being built adjacent to some mosques to enable worshippers who come for Maghreb prayers to break their fast.

In Jeddah, a volunteer group has launched a campaign to clean and maintain a number of mosques to prepare them for worshippers during the holy month.

Jamal Abdullah Al-Mundhiri, head of the Friends of Jeddah Program, said 20 volunteers from the group were participating in the campaign that covers mosques on Al-Thalatheen and Al-Madaris roads in addition to those in Al-Ashraf and Al-Sawayed districts.

“The program is keen to prepare the mosques before the advent of Ramadan. This is within the pioneering volunteering ideas of the youths in schools and universities who are fully supported by the administrators,” he said.

The residents of Kilo 14 are also participating in the campaign.

“The project focuses on cleaning the mosques, maintaining electricity, plumbing and repairing air conditioners and loudspeakers in an atmosphere marked by high spirits and a desire to deliver by the volunteers,” Al-Mundhiri said.

He explained that volunteer work usually intensifies during the summer break. “We are implementing awareness programs against dengue fever, cleaning the Corniche and the public parks, increasing the environmental awareness among the residents and furnishing the homes of the poor,” he said.

Al-Mundhiri said the Friends of Jeddah recently launched a site on the Internet to inculcate the spirit of volunteering among students.

With input by Muhammad Humaidan in Jeddah

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