Eid Khutbah: The Importance of Volunteerism

arab news logoSheikh Saleh Bin-Humaid, the imam and khateeb of the Grand Mosque, led the prayers. In his Eid sermon, the imam urged Muslims to spread love and affection among them and improve their relations with others.

He highlighted the importance of volunteerism, saying it would help lessen the suffering of other people and that it purifies minds, prevents people from becoming stingy, gets rid of disappointment.

“Such volunteer work should not be limited to the times of natural calamities,” the imam said.

He said spreading happiness among members of society was essential to strengthening social bonds. Such cohesiveness, he said, is essential to safeguard internal security, prevent crimes and reduce poverty and corruption.

“We should compete with one another in charitable and voluntary work,” he added. “It promotes popular partnership. Being a strong means of reforms, it also strengthens states and governments and bridges the gap in extending services.”

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There are Muslims who have plenty of needs that they are not able to meet by themselves. There are school children who need help with reading, math, and homework. There are Muslims who need transportation to medical appointments or to markets to buy food and other essentials. There are new Muslims who need someone to talk to because they do not have supportive family members. There is no shortage of volunteer opportunities. What volunteer project will you decide to take up this year? Give it some serious thought!


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