Oft-Quoted Weak Ahaadeeth Concerning Ramadaan 2 of 4

Throughout the ages many accretions [1]  have been mixed with it, either weak ahaadeeth, lies or fabrications and the like and this has been fully explained and made clear by the scholars throughout the ages.

We do not intend to rebuke or accuse anyone. We will just quote [another] example:

2. “0 people a very great month has come upon you, a month containing a night better than a thousand months. Allaah has made it an obligation to fast in it, and standing in prayer in its night is a supererogatory action. Whoever seeks nearness to Him with a good deed in it will be like one performing an obligatory action in other months… It is a month the beginning of which is a mercy, the middle is forgiveness, and its end is a granting of freedom from the Fire…” It is also a long hadeeth and we have quoted the most well-known parts of it.

This hadeeth is also reported by Ibn Khuzaimah (No. 1887), al-Mahaamulee in his Amaalee (No. 293), and al-Asbahaanee in at-Targheeb (Q/178, B-manuscript) by way of Alee ibn Zayd ibn Jud’aan: from Sa’eed ibn al-Musaayib: from Salmaan.

This isnaad is do’eef due to the weakness of ‘Ale ibn Zayd.

Ibn Sad says about him, “He is somewhat weak, he is not used as a proof”

Ahmad ibn Hanbal said: “He is not strong.” Ibn Ma’een said: “He is weak.” Ibn Abee Khaithumah said: ‘Weak in everything.”

Ibn Khuzaimah said: “I do not accept him as a proof due to his weak memory.” – as occurs in at-Tahdheeb (7/322-323).

Ibn Khuzaimah said after quoting his narration: “If the narration is authentic.”

Ibn Hajr says in al-Atraaf: “It is narrated by ‘Ale ibn Zayd ibn Jud’aan alone and he is weak” as As-Suyootee quotes from him in Jamul Jawaami (No. 24,714).

lbn Abee Haatim reports from his father in ‘llalul-Hadeeth (1/249) that he said: “The hadeeth is munkar!”

Fasting in Ramadaan as observed by the Prophet.”  Shaikh Saleem al-Hilaalee and Shaikh Alee Hassan.  AbdurRahman.org


“Fasting in Ramadaan as observed by the Prophet”   by Shaikh Saleem al-Hilaalee and Shaikh Alee Hassan

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