Oft-Quoted Weak Ahaadeeth Concerning Ramadaan 3 of 4

3. “Fast and you will be healthy.”

It is part of a hadeeth reported by Ibn ‘Adiyy in al-Kaamil (7/2521) by way of Nahshal ibn Sa’eed: from ad-Dahhaak: from Ibn Abbaas. At-Tabaraanee reports it in ol-Awsat (I/Q, 69 A-manuscript of Majmo’ ul-Bahrain) and Aboo Nu’aim in at-Tibbun-Nawawee as occurs in Takhreejul-Ihyaa’ (7/401) by way of Muhammad ibn Sulaimaan ibn Abee Daawood: from Zuhair ibn Muhammad: Suhail lbn Abee Saalih: from Aboo Hurairah.

Its isnaad is weak. Aboo Bakr al-Athrum said: “I heard Ahmad say – and he mentioned the narration of the people of Shaam from Zuhair ibn Muhammad, he said: ‘They report ahaadeeth from him which are munkar’”

Aboo Haatim said: “There is some weakness in his memory, his ahaadeeth narrated in Iraaq are better than his hadeeth narrated in Shaam due to his weak memory.” Al-Alee said: “These ahaadeeth which the people of Shaam narrate from him do not please me,” as occurs in Tahdheebul-Kamaal (9/417).

Muhammad Ibn Sulaimaan is from Shaam and has a biography in Taareekh Dimishq (15 Q,386 – manuscript) – so his narrations from Zuhair, as the scholars have stated, are munkar and this hadeeth is one of them!

Fasting in Ramadaan as observed by the Prophet.”  Shaikh Saleem al-Hilaalee and Shaikh Alee Hassan.  AbdurRahman.org


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