Take an evening walk

You’ve been fasting all day, probably sleeping a lot. After you’ve broken your fast, offered your salaat, had your dinner, it’s time to take the family out for an evening stroll. This is not something you want to do after Fajr, however.

Exercise –I’m not talking aerobics or weight lifting, Taebo or Tour de France, but something easy, like a walk– is important for diabetics (About.com) and people who want to keep other health problems such as high blood pressure at bay. Walking also aids the digestive process and helps the colon push along digested food waste (About.com).

Use your planner to work in a-walk-a-day during Ramadhaan. This is a habit that you can keep even after the month of fasting is finished.

Sisters need to walk in groups with some brothers looking out for them.

If you can’t go out, then create a pathway in your home or apartment –walking up and down hallways, in and out of rooms. Also, see this article, Walk as Exercise without Leaving Home.

If you have the space (and money), put in a treadmill or exercise bicycle.

Now get moving!

Step Counters Pedometer Walking Program: This free 28-day program gives you daily tips on using a pedometer and adding more steps to your day.

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