First accident of the month

Know how I know it’s Ramadhaan? I start accidentally hurting myself. You know, tripping over things, bumping into the corners of doors and where walls meet, dropping things on my feet. I’m a little accident-prone anyway, but it seems like it’s worse during Ramadhaan.

My first accident of the month happened in the kitchen yesterday. I was making dinner when the knife slipped a little. It cut my fingernail! There’s no blood but there is a nice gash in the nail near the tip. It didn’t hurt but it did scare me.

And earlier in the day I was walking down the hallway and hit my ankle on a wire basket. I put it there to get it out of the way so I could clear out a cabinet. Smart huh?

Does anyone else experience more than the usual bumps and bruises during Ramadhaan?


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