Riyadh police implement special action plan for Ramadan security

Published: Aug 16, 2010

RIYADH: “The Riyadh police have implemented a special action plan to provide maximum security to people and ensure houses and shops are safe during the holy month of Ramadan.”

The police headquarters in the region issued a circular on the first day of the fasting month to all its stations in the capital to pay special attention to houses whose occupants have gone out for shopping or prayers.

“People go out for taraweeh prayers and then for regular shopping during Ramadan till 3 a.m.,” said a police official said, adding that their houses are left unguarded during these hours.

The new action plan would lead to more police patrols in these areas and ensure officers are questioning anybody loitering in the streets, he said.

It has been reported that burglars often strike when people are away from their homes. It is commonplace to find the streets empty and people indoors between iftar and Isha prayers. Residents then go out from taraweeh prayers until sahoor time.”

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