The Etiquette of Dua – to Allah Alone

From The Book of Dua
Shaikh Hussain al-Awaaishah
Found on CalgaryIslam

Dua should not be directed to other than Allah alone

The Prophet sallallahu alaihi wa salaam said to Ibn Abbas radi Allahu anhu :

‘O young man, I am going to teach you some words: Be mindful of Allah, and He will be mindful of you. Be mindful of Allah, and yo will find Him before you. When you ask, ask Allah. When you wish to seek help, seek help from Allah. Remember that if all the people come together to bring you benefit they can not benefit you except that Allah has written. o­n the other hand, if they come together to cause (you) any harm, they will not be able to do it except for what Allah has written. The pens have been laid aside, and the scrolls have dried.

(Narrated by al-Tirmidhi who declared it Hasan Sahih)


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