Itikaf coloring book

AlHamdulillah. I finished the itikaf coloring book that I’ve been working on. Phew!

The coloring book is about the things a person can do while in itikaf (Permitted acts during Itikaf) based on the article (Rallying Around the Rulings for Itikaaf).

The book has 15 pages. Print one, all, or only a few pages (your choice). These sheets can also be used for non-itikaf Islamic projects. Click HERE to print “My Itikaf Coloring Book” (pdf).

Table of Contents:

Cover Page (masjid under the moon and stars)
I love to stay in the masjid in Ramadhan (family car headed to the masjid)
I can bring (pics of food)
I can also bring (pics of juice/milk)
I should wear my best (thobe)
Boys can wear (cologne)
I should wear my best (abaya)
I can sleep in my (sleeping bag)
I can put up my (tent)
I can take a shower (water, soap)
I can wash my hair (comb, shampoo)
I can read quran (book)
I can pray to allah (prayer rug)
I can ask allah (outline of hands)
Tomorrow is ‘Eid (family car headed home from masjid)

Have fun! Give me feedback cuz sometimes what I think is a great idea is sometimes actually not all that great. I tried the book out on a couple of test subjects. They liked it. But they may be just a little bit biased!


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