Scheduled Program in Minaa (HAJJ 2010)

Program in Minaa – Shaikh Mohammad Al-Malki

Dates: Nov 18 (Wed) and Nov 19 (Thu)
Times: Following each Salaah

  • Fajr: 5:12am KSA–9:12pm EST–2:12am GMT
  • Zuhr: 12:08pm KSA–4:08am EST–9:08am GMT
  • Asr: 3:19am KSA–7:19pm EST–12:19am GMT
  • Maghrib: 5:42pm KSA–9:42pm EST–2:42am GMT
  • Ishaa: 7:12pm KSA–11:12pm EST–4:12am GMT
  • Leaving Minna: Friday after 2pm, inshaAllah

Format: Dars (Lesson) after each salaah
Topics: Range of topics related to Hajj. Other topics as well.

Location: Paltalk—Religion & Spirituality—Islam—Ilm for all Know Islam

Access Paltalk Online — No Download Required
Listen to Paltalk from your browser with Paltalk Express. No need to download any software! Paltalk Express is a great alternative for anyone who is behind a firewall and does not want to disable it. It’s also great for Mac users. You will need to registered your current nick or by registering a new one.

Also, get Paltalk for Blackberry and iPhone.

Sh. Al-Malki Bio
About Al-Malki

Schedule of Duroos (Lessons)

Join the Ilm for All Yahoo group
http://groups. group/IlmForAll_ KnowIslam/


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