Ramadhan Prep: Get Your Car in Order Part #1

Gearing Up
The end of April is a great time to think about servicing your riding beast.

Start with getting the oil changed in your car this week even if it is not due yet but especially if it’s over due. This way, you will totally not have to deal with oil changes when you are fasting and hungry or busy with worship!

If you get it done this week, the next oil change date will be shortly before Ramadhan. And the subsequent change date will be after Ramadhan inshallah.

Suggested Oil Change Schedule
Mark your calendars with the following dates so you will remember.
April 25-30
July 25 – 30
October 24 – 29

Hassle-Saver Tip
Use an oil changing company that also vacuums out the car, checks the battery and other mechanical parts, and replaces fluids. Paying a little extra (most offer it free) for those services is well worth the money, especially if you are not mechanically inclined or too busy to do it  yourself.

Money-Saver Tip
Here are some coupons for your next oil change. It’s a good idea to use a junk email address (not your personal one) and a kunya when signing up for coupon offers.

Jiffy Lube: Save $5 on an oil change (fill out form at website in order to print coupon)

Oil Can Henry’s: Save $10 on a 20-Point oil change. Plus, get a $20 Castor Rebate for up to $20 off on a future oil change at Oil Can Henry’s. Both offer Expire April 30.

Valvoline: Save $6 on any full-service oil change. Expires 5/31/11

Meinke: Save $4 and other various offers.

If you don’t see your oil changing company in the above list, search for its name + coupons in a search engine.  And you can always call your shop to ask if there are any current specials or offers.

Do you have any Ramadhan Prep suggestions? Drop a comment!

Please note, Ramadhan Planner does not contain affiliate links and does not earn money from this site.

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