Self Assessment at the Start of Ramadhaan

Upon greeting the month of Ramadhaan an individual must return to his own self and search it for what it has sent forth concerning abiding by what Allaah has obligated and staying away from the prohibitions.

If his condition was good such that he was abiding by what Allaah ordained and abstaining from what Allaah prohibited, then he praises Allaah and shows gratitude to his Rabb (Lord) for this tawfeeq (granting him this success).

If however, he had some shortcomings (taqseer) such that he left off a waajib (obligation) or did what Allaah  prohibited him from, then he must return to Allaah in repentance. He must make tawbah (seek forgiveness from Allaah) for what he did in the past and he must abandon the sin and have firm conviction that he will not return to that sin, and he must regret what he did concerning that sin; this is if the sin was related to the rights of Allaah.

However, if the sins were related to the rights of mankind, then

  • If he is able to return the right to its owner he should do so.
  • If he is unable to, then he should seek his companion’s forgiveness so that he forgives him for the sin.
  • If it is with respect to a monetary right and he is unable to return the wealth to its owner, then he should give that wealth in sadaqah with the intention that he is doing this using the wealth of the owner (i.e. he gives sadaqah on the owner’s behalf).
  • If he had spoken about the reputation of someone by criticizing him, then he should also give in sadaqah on his behalf and supplicate for him.

Ramadhaan Q&A Session by Shaykh Abdullaah Al-Ghudyaan 30th August, 2008


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