[Audio] Class on Du’aa #12-14 of 15: In Salaah; Delayed Response; Before Sleep

The three recorded classes given below take less than 25 minutes to listen to. Remember. Take notes!

And using what you learn to create graphic organizers, crossword puzzles, word finds, memory games, etc, can help you remember, retain, and inshallah apply the info better.

Du’aa–Class #12 Points of Benefit #8 Places of Du’aa in Salaah

Du’aa–Class #13 Points of Benefit #9 Delay in Response To the Du’aa

Du’aa–Class #14 Points of Benefit #10 Remembrance Before Sleep

Du’aa Series Info/Updates
Up Next, Why Invocations Are Not Answered
Previously, Points of Benefit Inovcations, None but Allah, Transgressing in Du’aa


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