[Audio Bulugh al-Maraam] Unintentional Eating or Drinking

Bulugh al-Maraam Book of Fasting

  • Hadith 544. Narrated Abû Huraira رضى الله عنه: Allâh’s Messenger صلى الله عليه وسلم said, “Whoever forgets while fasting and eats or drinks should complete his fast, for it is Allâh who has fed him and given him drink.” [Agreed upon].
  • — Al‑Hâkim has, “Whoever breaks his fast forgetfully does not have to make-up for that fast (al-Qadaa), nor expiate (al-Kaffaara) for it.” And the narration is authentic.

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Start building your knowledge of fasting with this great lecture from a class on fasting. Remember. Take notes! Use what you learn to create crossword puzzles, word finds, memory games, vocabulary flash cards, etc.


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