Ramadhan Planner’s Weekly Selections: {Aug 12 – Aug 18, 2012}

It’s time for Ramadhan Planner’s Weekly Update! This week’s updates include …

  • Family/Crafty Ramadhan links
  • The last Flylady Ramadhan Mission review, inshaAllah!
  • Final Unclutter & Cleaning — ‘Eid Prep
  • Green Goals for Your Household: Chem Free
  • Understanding Zakaatul Fitr
  • Tips on Taraweeh/Qiyaam al-Layl, Important Lessons + Weeping to Allah
  • Audio files on Zakat and ‘Eid + Q/A


REMINDERS =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=

Count Down -—  There’s about 7-ish days until ‘Eid ul-Fitr 1433 A.H. (19-ish Aug 2012) insha’Allah. Start seeking Laylatul Qadr later in the week.

Drink Water -—  Making up for lost fluids. Drink plenty of water! Remind others. Read Getting Enough Water & Signs of Dehydration →

RAMADHAN =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=

Ramadhan Planner Family Education & Crafts . . .

Weekly Picks (updated on Mondays insha’Allah).

ORGANIZED RAMADHAN =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=

Flylady Ramadhan Missions for the Week of Aug 12 {Ramadhan 23}
Once Ramadhan has started, missions center on reviewing some of the previous assignments.

Aug 13  Warm Your Home (Monday)
Aug 14  Review Menus and Supplies (Tuesday)
Aug 15  15 Minutes in the Kitchen (Wednesday)
Aug 16  A Little Wrapping (Thursday)
Aug 17 Free Day Possibly Eid for some (Friday)

RAMADHAN =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=

Tackle Clutter and Touch Up Kitchen and Dining Room
“Clutter and Clean” is an alternative to FlyLady.

Here is the original declutter and clean list for the kitchen. Also, touch up areas that need it as ‘Eid prep. Continue reading →

Green Goals for Your Household Antibacterial Products
Many household products—toys, cleaning, beauty/grooming products, clothing and furniture—contain a chemical antibacterial agent named triclosan.

Triclosan harms the immune system, leads to antibiotic-resistant germs, and been found in adult and child urine [Mayo Clinic]. It’s also linked to hormone disruption and asthma [TCHEJ].

Companies do not always list chemicals on labels. And “green” cleaners may also have harmful chemicals. The best option is to make your own natural household cleaners [Recipes: Living & Dining and Eid Kitchen].

Green Goals for Your Household Chemical Air Fresheners
Bukhoor in a can? Yes, it exists. However, chemical air fresheners are more harmful than the handmade types they are trying to imitate.

For example, the Environmental Protection Agency lists formaldehyde, petroleum distillate, p- dichlorobenzene, aerosol propellants as basic air freshener ingredient [EPA], and states that air fresheners “release pollutants more or less continuously” [EPA].

To deal with unpleasant household odors, open windows for ventilation, keep your house clean, take out the trash frequently, and keep garbage disposals clear and clean.

Most importantly, rely on non-chemical items such as baking soda, essential oils, indoor plants, sachets and potpourris, and real bukhoor to sanitize and/or freshen the air.

Find more natural deodorizers by searching the Web.

Automotive Care for Ramadhan
You don’t want to be hitching a ride on Eid to auto difficulties. Make sure your car has:
Oil .              . Windshield washer fluid                  . Water (battery, radiator)
Gas.             . Air (tires)                                          . Other

& HEALTH =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=

Menu Planning Basics
Planning meals a week in advance helps you focus on worship, stay organized, and frees up your time. Plan using this updated Weekly Menu Planning Form (pdf), and/or this Blank 30-Day Calendar (pdf).

Reducing Food Waste

Refrigerator Storage — Make sure air circulates, check that the inside temp is between 35 – 38° F, and food is stored in containers or bags.

Bruised & Battered Produce — Make jellies, pies, smoothies from fruit that has become over ripe. Chop limp veggies for soups or stock, or to be stored in the freezer.

READER  =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=

Detailed Explanation of Zakaat al-Fitr Measurements
Topics include: What is a Prophetic Saa’ and Mudd, How to Calculate Your Zakat Al-Fitr
Is a Mudd Simply a “Double-Handful”. Read Zakaat al-Fitr Measurements.

Clarifying the Rulings of Sadaqat’ul Fitr
Topics include obligation, place and time of giving, who has the right to it, types of food and more. By the Noble Shaykh Saleh ibn Fawzan al-Fawzan . . . Continue Reading ->

7 Practical Tips for Praying Taraweeh/Qiyaam al-Layl

5) Too Much Food or Drink
The Messenger of Allah (sallallahu alaihi wa-sallam) said: “Man fills no vessel worse than his stomach … Continue reading →

6) Striving against One’s Self
One should rebuke one’s self, if … Continue reading →

7) Rebuking One’s Self
Knowing the virtues and rewards of performing worship produces willingness and . . . Continue reading →

Important Lessons to be Learnt from Ramadhan:

Muslim Unity
Thus, in this blessed month we can sense an increased feeling of unity and of being a single Ummah … Continue reading →

Good Manners
“Fasting is not merely abstaining from eating and drinking. Rather, it is also abstaining from ignorant and indecent speech … Continue reading →

7 Tips on How To Weep For Fear of Allaah

6) Things That Will Soften the Heart
Our eyes began to overflow and our hearts melted … Continue reading →

7) Fear of a Bad End
It was narrated that Ibn ‘Umar … Continue reading →

AUDIO =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=

Fasting Audio
This week’s topic is on Zakat, Fasting & Eid, & other important Ramadhan topics. Audio by Dr. Saleh as Saleh, rahima-hullaah.  BioData

Plan a listening schedule for yourself. It really helps.

Fasting Ramadhan –

Zakat al Fitr I

Zakat al Fitr II – Recipients

Zakat al Fitr Impediments

ABOUT RAMADHAN =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=

(Must Read) Giving Money to Someone Who Buys Zakaat ul-Fitr On Your Behalf

It’s known that disbursing Zaakat at-Fitr in form of money is impermissible and the fataawa of Ahlul Ilm in this case are many. But is it permissible if I give money to some person and that person buys food for the poor and gives it as Zakat al-fitr on my behalf? Continue Reading ->


Other Sources:
[1], [2] Natural Awakenings magazine, 2012

Image Sources: OpenClipartLibrary, Clker, WPClipart


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