Welcome to Ramadhan Planner 1434 a.h. {2013}!

As salaamu alaykum

Insha’Allah, we will have been allowed by Allah to enter another Ramadhan.

In order to have a peaceful cruise into and through that holy month, we need to take care of things so that we are not running around like a chicken with its head cut off! By Ramadan we will have most of our preparations finished, insha’Allah.

Our plan of action for the next 6 weeks will include:

  • Daily missions to do
  • Ramadhan Planning Notebook/Control Journal
  • Clean/Declutter the house
  • Daily routines
  • Stocking the freezer, pantry, linen closets, etc
  • Budgeting
  • Receiving guests
  • Selecting Eid outfits
  • Buying gifts
  • Making travel arrangements

Hopefully, this is going to be the year that you will not be feeling like Ramadan is too big a hassle.  You may actually enjoy yourself – and your family is going to love the blessed month of Ramadan insha’Allah.

Inshaa Allah your pre-planning and preparation will allow you and your family more time to focus on worshipping Allah subhana wa ta’aala: reading Qur’an, attending Taraweeh prayers, etc.  These acts should be enjoyed without feeling rushed and distracted, inshaa Allah.

Your Ramadan Planner/FlyLady Control Journal will contain daily Ramadan Cruising Missions to help you accomplish your BabySteps for preparing for this special occasion. FlyLady Ramadhan was put together by a wonderful sister put together. May Allah bless her with good for her efforts at getting us organized.

Does the FlyLady system does not work well? Then the Declutter Series may be just the thing.

Until Ramadhan, weekly posts to this blog uses FlyLady Ramadhan framework, but allows flexibility to ready the house the Declutter way.

You can do anything for 15 minutes; even get ready for a blessed month of worship!  Are you ready to FLY Islamically?


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