Ramadhan Planner’s Weekly Selections: {May 26 -June 1, 2013}

It’s time for Ramadhan Planner’s Weekly Update!

This week’s update kicks off the beginning of the Flylady Ramadhan series! Today you will find the printable Ramadhan Flylady calendar, the declutter project for the week, reading material, 4 audio files, and a question/answer on Ramadhan competitions.



[♦] Count Down -—  There are slightly less than 6 weeks until Ramadhan 1434 A.H. (Jul 2013) insha’Allah.

[♦] Make Up Fasts -—  Keep making up those missed fasts! Remind your family members and friends too.

ORGANIZED RAMADHAN___________________________________________

[♦] Gas Money for Ramadhan Tip #3 Gas Fund —  Set up a gas fund for the upcoming Ramadhan. Each week, pay a set amount of money into your fund. Reduce the temptation to spend the fund by storing the money in a jar at home in the back of your closet. For next year’s Ramadhan, start your gas fund immediately after ‘Eid! [Reader submission]

DOMESTIC RAMADHAN____________________________________________

[♦] Printable Flylady Mission Calendar  It is Flylady Ramadhan time again! Print the 2013 FlyLady Missions/Declutter Calendar which lists each mission by date. Included is the declutter series.

The missions were to begin this past Monday; technical difficulties caused a delay and we apologize for that. But do not worry. We still have plenty of time, insha’Allah. Starting your planner/control journal and budget are the most important.

[♦] Flylady Ramadhan Missions for the Week of  May 26
Mission #1 {Mon} Clean and Fling! Spend 15 minutes picking up trash about the home
Mission #2 {Tue} Start a Control Journal Create your planner (with links to printables)
Mission #3 {Wed} Making up your fasts! Plan out when to make up fasts
Mission #4 {Thu} Errand Day Make lists & plan to shop
Mission #5 {Fri}  Face Your Ramadan Budget! Put pencil to paper & set a budget

food[♦] Declutter & Clean —
Declutter & Clean is an alternative to the FlyLady’s cleaning methods.

This weekend’s focus will be on two things: uncluttering and cleaning the kitchen! Continue Reading Tackle Clutter and Clean the Kitchen.

RAMADHAN READER_______________________________________________

[♦] This Week’s Reading —
We have two items for you to read this week and we think you will love them. Pace yourself because there are also some audios below you will want to work listen to.

[♦] Rulings for Fasting Specific for Women — A woman is specified with certain excuses that permit her to break the fast in Ramadan, on the condition that she makes up the days she missed fasting due to these excuses on other days. These excuses are . . . Continue Reading

[♦] Fruits of Ramadhaan —   Many of us overlook this bounty and are thus left with an incomplete depiction of Ramadan, often viewing it as a month to get oneself into shape!! Or rigidly describing it as a training program teaching self-restraint. Most importantly. . . Continue Reading

AUDIO RAMADHAN________________________________________________

Before entering Ramadhan learn more about the month of fasting.The Introduction to Fasting series is especially helpful for those new to Ramadhan. Planning a listening schedule is helpful.

Audio by Dr. Saleh as Saleh, rahima-hullaah.  BioData

[♦] Intro to Fasting #1: Fasting Summary [22 Minutes]

[♦]  Intro to Fasting #2: Quraan During Ramadan [36 Minutes]
 Intro to Fasting #3: Introduction to Ramadhan [36 Minutes]

[♦] Ramadhan for Sisters — Menses: Start During Fasting Day [2 Minutes]


[♦] Question: Is the fast invalidated by tasting food?
Does every day on which the fast is performed in Ramadan require an intention, or is it sufficient to make one intention for the whole month?

[♦] Answer:   Tasting food does not invalidate the fast, if a person does not swallow it. But you should not do it unless there is a need for it; and in this situation, if any of it enters the stomach without your intending it, then your fast in not invalidated. — Shaykh Muhammad bin Saalih al-`Uthaymeen,  Fatwa Islam

Images: OpenClipartLibrary, Clker, WPClipart


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