Ramadhan Planner’s ‘Eid Selections 1434 H. {2013}

This update includes … understanding ‘Eid.

REMINDERS =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=

Count Down -—  There are two-ish few days remaining in Ramadhan (counting today) insh’Allah.

Thank You -—   Thank you for following along as we have planned our way through Ramadhan. It went by quickly (for some). Keep all the things you printed and jotted down this year. It will help you when we do it all again next year insha’Allah.

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What to do when `Eed coincides with Friday
Read about it {HERE}

Wording of ‘Eid Takbir and Tahmeed
Printable wording of ‘Eid Takbir and Tahmeed {HERE}

Bathing Before the ‘Eid Prayer
Read about it {HERE}

What to do on Eid (eating, grooming, prayer, etc)
Read about it {HERE}

The Etiquettes of ‘Eid 
Read about it {HERE}

When to eat during the ‘Eid 
Read about it {HERE}

Adornment / Beautification for ‘Eid
Read about it {HERE}

[Video] How to do the ‘Eid Prayer
Watch it {HERE}

What is The Description of The Eid prayer, Number of Rakats and The Eid Takbirs 
Source: Calgary Islam: Eid Prayer

Here is a basic outline of the prayer on ‘Eid. Read more details at the link above.

There is no adthaan for the ‘Eid prayer. And as in other congregations prayers, the people repeat after the Imaam except in situations when they do not (e.g. Qur’an recitations).

Rak’ah #1

Takes position of Salaat including facing direction of prayer
Imaam says Takbeerat al-ihraam to begin the prayer {Allaahu Akbar}
Imaam says 7 Takbeer in a row: {Allaahu Akbar}
Imaam Recites al-Faatihah, then recites Soorat Qaf {or Soorat al-A’la}
Complete remainder of the rak’ah (bowing, prostrations, and returning from them)

Rak’ah #2

Imaam says Takbeer while standing from sitting position
Imaam stands up completely
Says 5 Takbeer: {Allaahu Akbar}
Imaam Recites al-Faatihah, then recites Soorat al-Qamr {or Soorat al-Ghaashiyah}
Complete remainder of the rak’ah (bowing, prostrations, and returning from them)
Gives salaams to the right and left

After the prayer, the imam should address the people. Part of the khutbah should be addressed specifically to the women, telling them of the things that they should do and warning them against the things that they should avoid.

AUDIO =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=

Learning/Reviewing lessons on the ‘Eid follwoing Ramadhan is helpful especially for those new to ‘Eid.  Audio by Dr. Saleh as-Saleh {BioData}, rahima-hullaah, unless otherwise stated.

Plan a listening schedule for yourself. It really helps.

‘Eid Audio Special

The Eid – Rulings and Sunan {info about ‘Eidul-Fitr and ‘Eidul Adha}

Hilal of Ramadan – Hilal of Shawwal {Umdatul Ahkaam}


No Fasting on Days of ‘Eid – Reward of Fasting {Umdatul Ahkaam}


Ramadan is Over – What is Next


ABOUT ‘EID=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=

Question No. 1:
Do We Pray Before ‘Eid?
Read the answer {HERE}

Question No. 2:
Are there any legislated sunnah prayers before the Eid prayer?
Read the answer {HERE}

Question No 3.:
What do we do
When `Eed Falls on a Friday
Read the answer {HERE}

Question No 4.:
Is it better for a women to stay home or attend Eid prayer? 
Shaykh Ibn ‘Uthaymeen was asked: what is better for a woman, to come out to the Eid prayer or to stay at home?

He replied:

It is better for them to go out to Eid prayer, because the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) enjoined that the women go out to the Eid prayer, even the adolescent girls and virgins – i.e., women who do not ordinarily go out.

He commanded them to go out, and he told the menstruating women to go out but to keep away from the prayer-place. So menstruating women should go out with other women for Eid, but they should not enter the place where the Eid prayer is offered, because the Eid prayer-place is a mosque and it is not permissible for a menstruating woman to stay there, but it is permissible for her to pass through or to take something she needs from it, without staying there. Based on this we say: women are commanded to go out to the Eid prayer and join the men in this prayer, because of the goodness, dhikr and du’aa’ they may experience there.

{Majmoo’ Fataawa al-Shaykh Ibn ‘Uthaymeen, 16/210}

He also said:

But they must go out looking decent, not wearing adornment, makeup or perfume, so that they may combine following the Sunnah with avoiding fitnah.

What some women do of wearing adornment, makeup and perfume is because of their ignorance and negligence on the part of their guardians. This does not cancel out the general shar’i ruling, which is that women are commanded to go out to the Eid prayer.

Salaf-us-Saalih.com : Woman and Eid Prayer


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One thought on “Ramadhan Planner’s ‘Eid Selections 1434 H. {2013}

  1. Assalamualaikum Sis,
    Thank you for guiding us. Me and Hubby.
    May Allah bless for all your notes, prayer and your kindness.
    Happy Eid Mubarak. :)

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