Ramadhan Planner 2014/1435H {May 16-23 Selections & Countdown: Week 6}

Print this week’s issue {May 16-23 Selections & Countdown Week 6}


checklist Count Down There are about 6 weeks left until Ramadhan 1435 insha’Allah!

Make Up Fasts Keep making up those missed fasts! Remind your family members and friends too.


puzzle family 2 Ramadhan Planner Family Education & Crafts
Make a set of audio files for your children to listen to during Ramadhan.

And wander through the archives on our family site as well: http://rplanfamily.wordpress.com/. We should begin adding new material soon, insha’Allah.


bulletin board Meetups Help with Ramadhan Planning
An excellent idea is to partner up with others to get prepared for Ramadhaan. The “meet-up” does not have to be in person; it can be over the telephone or internet (thru emails, chat, etc.).

The most important thing, is to find a willing buddy — or two or three. This helps people get motivated and focused. So, invite someone over to talk about and plan your Ramadhan!

Here is what one sister did:

“. . . so last night I met up with a dear sister and we discussed our preparation for this coming Ramadan. We discussed preparation before Ramadan starts and our goals during Ramadan. I felt that it was extremely productive and I feel so ready for Ramadan now…alhamdulillah.”

So, plan that meet-up! Take your Ramadhan Planning binder along.

ᴥ Daily Life Events During Ramadhan ᴥ
Ramadhan is a busy time. When will you run errands, shop for groceries, do chores?

Use this printable 24 hour timed daily planner (pdf) to help you map out a how to handle life’s necessary business. Start by penciling in the times for salaat, work, and other fixed obligations.

Then decide which are the best days and times for the other things you need to do. Is going grocery shopping better done after Fajr on a weekend? Coming up with a plan now —even if temporary— will help you avoid chaos and stress later insha’Allah.

Room by Room Shopping List
Over the next week, visit each room of your house and make a list of things you need to purchase before Ramadhan gets here. This does not need to take up a large amount of time. Use this printable to help: {Room-by-Room Shopping}.


hand broom Tackle Clutter & Clean – Assignment #4: Clean the Hall/Bath/Laundry
Print this week’s assignment: Unclutter the {Hallway}, {Bath}, and {Laundry}.

Focus Unclutter Assignment:
Focus on a storage closet or cabinet. Toss, sort, and/or organize its clutter.

U-Choose Unclutter Assignment:
Pick an area each day this week to declutter. It can be a drawer, a closet, or a room. Make your intentions to please Allah. Then set a timer for 15 minutes and get to work.

You will focus your cleaning efforts on the living room this week. Start at the top and work your way down to the floor. Here’s the cleaning assignment:

Ceilings, Windows & Walls
–remove cobwebs
–dust/clean the windows, windowsills, mini blinds and drapes
–clean light switches, doors, door knobs
–clean the walls and baseboards

Cabinets/Medicine Cabinets/Linen Closets
–clean, straighten and restock
–clean the doors

–dust, clean and polish furniture

–spot clean carpet/rugs; sweep and mop floors
–vacuum around and under furniture that is not heavy to move

–clean toilet, tub/shower area, and sink & cabinetry
–wash shower door/curtains
–remove trash

Laundry Area
– clean inside/outside of washer and dryer
– clean hoses, lint traps
– dust/clean any shelving

— DeCluttering & Cleaning Tips
make your intentions to please Allah
schedule time to clean; put it in your planner, calendar, or mobile device
spend 15 minutes at a time then take a break
use this Online-Stopwatch (click on Count Down) if you don’t have a kitchen timer
toss trash items into a plastic grocery store bag or trash bag

As you unclutter, sort items into: trash and “give away”. Toss trash into a plastic store bag or trash bag. Put “give away” items in a box or plastic bin. Label and find a handy place to keep it for now.

Flylady Ramadhan
Continue with the Crisis Cleaning Routines. You will find the complete instructions for {Crisis Cleaning} pdf.

Insha’Allah, we start the Flylady Ramadhan assignments next week.

Natural Home Made Cleaning Supplies Recipes – Air, Walls, Floors
Here are a couple of other home-made cleaners. You will find more here: http://tipnut.com/tips-bathroom/.

Toilet Bowl Cleaner
1 cup white vinegar
½ cup baking soda

Pour the vinegar into the toilet bowl. Sprinkle in the baking soda. Let sit for about 15 minutes. Clean with scrubbing brush.

Soft Scrub Paste
½ cup baking soda
vegetable-oil based liquid soap (up to ½ cup)

Combine to make a paste. Scoop onto a towel and scrub tubs, sinks, counter tops or shower walls.


Stay Hydrated   Keep drinking plenty of water! You don’t want to start Ramadhan dehydrated! Please read: Signs of Dehydration

Foods that Cool
There are certain foods that cool the body down during warm weather. Finding out about those foods makes a great pre-Ramadhan research assignment especially for a home-schooler.

ᴥ Gather Your Hot-Weather Recipes ᴥ
Ramdhan will occur in the summer this year. Those kitchens will be hot! Plan ahead by collecting recipes and tips for hot-weather cooking. Share one or two of your finds with us!


Book Recommendation: How To Escape Sins (Based on the words of Imam Ibn Al-Qayyim) By Shaykh Abdur Razzaq Al-Abbaad; English trans. $10.

Twenty practical ways based on Qur’an and Sunnah for the believer to implement in order to overcome disobedience.

Article: “Rulings for Fasting that are Specific for Women” . . . This is a must-read for the sisters. Print/read {HERE pdf} and keep in your Ramadhan Reading notebook.

ᴥ Article: “Practical Lessons from the Month of Fasting” ᴥ
By Shaykh Abdul Muhsin ibn Hamad al Abbaad.

A few points about the month of Ramadaan the following months, and how the Muslim attitude developed during Ramadhan can be transferred to life and worship in other months.

Read full article {Practical Lessons from the Month of Fasting pdf}.

—Quick Tip—
Print the articles and store them in a 3-ring binder labeled “Ramadhan Library”. Ramadhan related CDs or even USBs can also be kept in this binder.


Learn and review lessons about Ramadhan. It keeps everything fresh in the mind. We provide the audio, you supply the ears, time, and attention. Plan a schedule; it really helps. And take notes too!
Fasting Ramadhan — Dr. Saleh as-Saleh:

♦ Rulings Related to Sickness
♦ Rulings Related to Women

Bulugh al-Maraam: Book of Fasting — Dr. Saleh as-Saleh:

♦ Day of Doubt – Do Not Fast
Hadith:’Ammar bin Yasir narrated, “Whoever fasts the day of doubt (1) he has then disobeyed abu al-Qasim (the Prophet). Related by the five Imams, and ibn Khusaimah and ibn Hibban garded it as Sahih.(1) It is the day that precedes Ramadan and people are not sure if it is the last day of Sha’ban or the beginning of Ramadhan.

Sunan Abee Daawood: The Book of Fasting – Moosaa Richardson:

♦ The Fasting Person having an Emission (wet-dream), Hijaamah (Cupping) whilst Fasting, Using Kuhl, Vomitting Intentionally, Eating/Drinking Forgetfully, Inhaling Water during Wudhoo


Question: Muslim Women Praying in Niqaab
Noble Shaykh, may Allah preserve you, what is the ruling for the woman wearing gloves and niqab while she establishes the prayer?

As for her wearing gloves, then no problem if she is not in a state of Ihram (performing the rites of Hajj). As for wearing niqab then she has no need to wear niqab if there are no men around her, those who are not her close relatives (meaning those she can never marry). Thus she uncovers her face and she does not wear niqab.
As for if there are men around her who are not her close relatives then she drapes her khimar over her face such that they do not see her. And when she wants to prostrate she uncovers her face so that her forehead can directly touch the place of prostration.

Translated by Rasheed ibn Estes Barbee
Masjid Tawheed wa Sunnah

ᴥ Question: Muslim Women Praying with Feet Uncovered ᴥ
“. . . What is the ruling on the prayer of a woman without covering her feet?

ᴥ Answer ᴥ
Shaykh Muhammad Al-Imaam:

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