Ramadhan Planner 2014/1435H {Jun 1-7 Selections & Countdown: 27 Days}


checklist Count Down On June 1, there were about 27-ish days until Ramadhan 1435 insha’Allah!

Make Up Fasts Keep making up those missed fasts! Remind your family members and friends too.


puzzle family 2 Ramadhan Planner Family Education & Crafts
We will be adding new material this week, insha’Allah. In the meantime, wander through the archives on our Family site: http://rplanfamily.wordpress.com/.


bulletin board Meetups Help with Ramadhan Planning ᴥ Continue with those in-person, phone or net (thru emails, chat, etc.) meet-ups with your Ramadhan-planning friends.

ᴥ Some Helpful Printables ᴥ We have some forms to help you stay on track and organized.

 Budgeting for Ramadhan
Establish and track your Ramadhan budget. We’ve found a simple, but useful budgeting how-to here: http://www.daveramsey.com/tools/budget-forms/.

We suggest that you make your own forms.

hand broomᴥ Which to Choose? ᴥ
We are offering two approaches to getting the house in gear for Ramadhan: DeClutter & Clean, and Flylady. You can choose which one works for you or do both, or do a combination of both.

 Tackle Clutter & Clean – Assignment #5: Clean the Bedrooms
Print this week’s assignment: {Unclutter the Bedroom Worksheet}.

Focus Unclutter Assignment– Bedroom:
Focus on a storage closet or cabinet. Toss, sort, and/or organize its clutter.

U-Choose Unclutter Assignment:
Pick an area each day this week to declutter. It can be a drawer, a closet, or a room. Make your intentions to please Allah. Then set a timer for 15 minutes and get to work.

Cleaning Bedrooms:
You will focus your cleaning efforts on the living room this week. Start at the top and work your way down to the floor. Here’s the cleaning assignment:

Ceilings, Windows & Walls
–remove cobwebs
–dust/clean the windows, windowsills, mini blinds and drapes
–clean light switches, doors, door knobs
–clean the walls and baseboards

–clean, straighten and restock
–clean the doors

–dust, clean and polish furniture

–spot clean carpet/rugs; sweep and mop floors
–vacuum around and under furniture that is not heavy to move

–turn mattresses
–wash pillows, sheets, blankets,
–clean under the bed

— DeCluttering & Cleaning Tips

  • make your intentions to please Allah
  • schedule time to clean; put it in your planner, calendar, or mobile device
  • spend 15 minutes at a time then take a break
  • use this Online-Stopwatch (click on Count Down) if you don’t have a kitchen timer
  • toss trash items into a plastic grocery store bag or trash bag

As you unclutter, sort items into: trash and “give away”. Toss trash into a plastic store bag or trash bag. Put “give away” items in a box or plastic bin. Label and find a handy place to keep it for now.

Flylady Ramadhan
Let’s start flying! Here are this week’s mission assignments. You can read each day’s mission details from this link {HERE}.

  • {Mon} Cling & Fling
  • {Tue} Start a Control Journal
  • {Wed} Make up fasts
  • {Thu} What Size are We
  • {Fri} Face Your Budget
  • {Sat} Errand Day

Print this week’s Flylady notebook materials:

Read the following:

  • Control Journal Intro


Stay Hydrated   Keep drinking plenty of water! You don’t want to start Ramadhan dehydrated! Please read: Signs of Dehydration

 Ramadhan Meal Plans
Choose a day this week to work on your menu plans for Ramadhan. Break the task down into manageable segments. This could mean planning the first week only, or planning a month of meat dishes only.

Here are some forms to help you. They are found on this link to Menu Planning Printables Page}.

ᴥ Recipe: Fresh Fruit Flavored Coconut Milks – Dairy Free ᴥ
Here is a great recipe for those hot days! Serve with any meal or as the base of a protein smoothie.

First, make the sweetened milk:

Sweetened Coconut Milk
1 ¾ C. fresh coconut milk (or 14-oz canned — non-BPA)
1 C. water
2 Tb honey
dash of salt

Mix all ingredients together. Serve chilled. Store in an airtight container in the refrigerator. Add more honey for a sweeter milk. Use less water for a creamier milk. Coconut milk spoils quickly — keep it refrigerated and use within three or four days.

Next, make fruity milk:

1 C. sweetened coconut milk + fruit. Blend, chill, serve.

Fruit Additions – Choose one of the following:
1 ripe banana                      ½ C. pineapple + ½ banana          1 C. blueberries
1 mango, chopped              1 C. pineapple, chopped                1 C. apricots, chopped

Source: Coconut Lover’s Cookbook by Bruce Fife

ᴥ 5 Add Reasons to Eat Cucumbers this Ramadhan ᴥ

  1. Cucumbers are a great food for hot summer months
  2. They have few calories
  3. They contain a lot of water
  4. They provide vitamins
  5. They offer antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and anti-cancer benefits. Al-Hamdulillah.

When you buy cucumbers, look for firm ones with rounded edges and bright medium to dark green color. Skip over cucumbers that are yellow, puffy, wrinkled at the tips, or have sunken water-soaked areas. Since cucumbers can be very sensitive to heat, buy the ones stored in the refrigerated section of the grocery store.

Cucumbers will keep for several days in your refrigerator at home. Once cut, store them in a tightly sealed container to prevent them from drying out. Use within one or two days.

The best cucumbers are organically grown. The Environmental Working Group’s 2014 report “Shopper’s Guide to Pesticides” reports that non-organic cucumbers are among the top 12 fruits and vegetables that contain pesticide residue. In addition, the wax on organically grown cucumbers are chemical free and non-synthetic. It is recommended, however, to remove the waxed skin from non-organic cucumbers.

What’s your favorite cucumber dish?


Book Recommendation:  The Chapter of Hastening to do Good Deeds — Riyadh as-Saliheen  By Shaykh Muhammad Al-Uthaymeen; English trans. $10 or less.

  • MTWS Bookstore $8 {Link HERE}
  • Authentic Statements $10 {Link HERE}

Article: “The Islamic date (Hijri date) starts after Maghrib” . . . In Islam, the night precedes the day. What does this mean? Print/read {Hijri Date after Maghrib pdf}.

ᴥ Article: “Stop Eating Suhoor 10-15 Minutes Earlier Than The Time Of Fajr?” ᴥ
Learn more about this common bid’aah made in Imsaak {Earlier than Fajr pdf}.

ᴥ “Beware of offering Fajr before true entrance of Fajr!” ᴥ
An explanation of the false fajr (al-fajr al-kadhib) and the true fajr (al-fajr as-saadiq); includes photos of each. {True Entrance Of Fajr pdf}.

—Quick Tip—
Print the articles and store them in a 3-ring binder labeled “Ramadhan Library”. Ramadhan related CDs or even USBs can also be kept in this binder.


Learn and review lessons about Ramadhan. We provide the audio, you supply the ears, time, and attention. Choose from any or all of the speakers below. Plan a schedule; it really helps. And take notes too!
Fasting Ramadhan — Dr. Saleh as-Saleh:

♦ Invalidators of Fasting
♦ Pre-Dawn Meal—Sahoor

Bulugh al-Maraam: Book of Fasting — Dr. Saleh as-Saleh:

♦ Hilal of Ramadan – Hilal of Shawwal
♦ Fasting Following One Sighting

Sunan Abee Daawood: The Book of Fasting – Moosaa Richardson:

♦ The Time of Breaking the Fast and its Various Issues

Umdatul Ahkam – Kitabul Siyaam (The Book of Fasting):

Lesson 1 of 5


Question:  Important Means To Assist The Woman During Ramadan
Bismillaah, wal-hamdulilaah, was-salaatu was-salaamu ‘alaa rasoolillaah,
as Salaamu ‘Alaykum wa Rahmatullaahi wa Barakaatuh

What are the most important means that will assist the woman upon obedience during the month of Ramadan?

(Sheikh Fawzan) The means that will assist the Muslim upon obedience to Allah whether they are male or female are as follows.

1. Fear of Allah سبحانه وتعالى and to believe that He is observing the creation in all of their actions, and statements, and intentions and that He will take them to account for all of that. Therefore if the person is cognizant of this reality then he will busy himself with the obedience of Allah and leave off sins and he will hasten to repent from his wrongdoings.

2. Increase in the remembrance of Allah and the recitation of the Quran because this will soften the heart. Allah the Exalted said, (what can be translated as) ‘Those who believe, and whose hearts find satisfaction in the remembrance of Allah: for without doubt in the remembrance of Allah do hearts find satisfaction’. (Chapter 13 verse 28) And Allah the Exalted said, (what can be translated as) ‘The believers are those who, when Allah is mentioned, feel a tremor in their hearts’. (Chapter 8 verse 2)

3. Avoiding the distractions that harden the heart and distance the individual from Allah, and this is every sin and mixing with evil people and eating from the impermissible and being heedless of the remembrance of Allah the Exalted, and watching the evil films.

4. The woman remaining in her home and not leaving her home except due to a need and then returning quickly to her home upon completion of her need.

5. Sleeping during the night because this will assist the person in waking up during the last part of the night. And sleep a little during the day, this will allow the person to perform their prayers in their respective times, and to busy their time with the obedience of Allah.

6. Guarding their tongues from backbiting and tale carrying and he said she said, bearing false witness and impermissible speech, but rather they should busy their tongue with the remembrance of Allah.

Translated by Rasheed Barbee (hafidhahullaah)
Source: http://mtws.posthaven.com/important-matters-to-assist-the-women-during

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