Ramadhan Planner 2014/1435H {Jun 8-14 Selections Selections & Countdown: 20 Days}


checklist Count Down We have about 20 days until Ramadhan 1435 insha’Allah! You ready?!

ᴥ Innovation Alert! ᴥ
Ruling on Celebrating the Mid-Sha’ban Night – Detailed fatwa from Sheikh Ibn Baz {Read Here}.

ᴥ Schedule Carpet Cleaning ᴥ
Since we’re down to three weeks before Ramadhan, schedule to get the carpet in your home cleaned.

Make Up Fasts Keep making up those missed fasts! Remind your family members and friends too.


puzzle family 2 Ramadhan Planner Family Education & Crafts
Wander through the archives on our Family site: http://rplanfamily.wordpress.com/.


bulletin board Print the Following for This Week ᴥ You will need to print the following for you planning binder (the Flylady printables are given in the next section).
Weekly Checklist | Freezer inventoryPantry InventoryCatalog/Internet Order Tracker |

ᴥ Distraction-Free Salaah in the Home ᴥ Work this week on removing any distractions from the place in the home where you make your salaah. This could even mean finding a new place in which to pray. Be sure to stock your prayer place with everything you need to perform salaah.

 Setting Goals & Making Plans
In your planning notebook, make a loose list of things you want to focus on this Ramadhan. A sheet of paper will do fine.  You can also take out a copy of last year’s plan and use that.

For those new to this, we will get more specific insha’allah next week. Here is a sample:

  • Goals (think of some)
  • Qur’aan Reading Schedule (what will you read and when)
  • Du’aa List (need something from Allah?)
  • Outline of how you will spend the Ramadhan days and nights (filling in the time)

 ᴥ Buying for Ramadhan/’Eid
Make a list of the things you need to purchase before Ramadhan gets here. The list can include things such as shoes, clothes, fabric, personal care items etc. Use the tracking form (above) to help you and remember to stay within your Ramadhan budget.

 ᴥ Prepping for ‘Eid
Sew or buy clothes and accessories for ‘Eid while we are still outside of Ramadhan. This will give you more time to focus on worships during the month of fasting. Come up with a general plan and set to work!

hand broomᴥ Which to Choose? ᴥ
We are offering two approaches to getting the house in gear for Ramadhan: DeClutter & Clean, and Flylady. You can choose which one works for you or do both, or do a combination of both.

 Tackle Clutter & Clean – Assignment #6: Clean the Kitchen
Print this week’s assignment: {Unclutter the Kitchen Worksheet}.

You will focus your cleaning efforts on the kitchen this week. Start at the top and work your way down to the floor.

–remove cobwebs
–clean light switches, doors, door knobs
–dust/spot clean walls and baseboards

–dust/clean windows, window sills, blinds, drapes

–clean, straighten cabinets/drawers
–clean the shelves and doors
–inventory pantry

–Remove contents, toss expired items
–Clean/disinfect interior; restock
–inventory refrigerator contents

    Carpets/Area Rugs/Floors
–vacuum base boards
–sweep and mop floors
–wash area rugs

— DeCluttering & Cleaning Tips

  • make your intentions to please Allah
  • schedule time to clean; put it in your planner, calendar, or mobile device
  • spend 15 minutes at a time then take a break
  • use this Online-Stopwatch (click on Count Down) if you don’t have a kitchen timer
  • toss trash items into a plastic grocery store bag or trash bag

As you unclutter, sort items into: trash and “give away”. Toss trash into a plastic store bag or trash bag. Put “give away” items in a box or plastic bin. Label and find a handy place to keep it for now.

Flylady Ramadhan
Continue flying! You can read each day’s mission details from this link {HERE}.

{Mon} Plan for Taraweeh
{Tue} Plan with Planner
{Wed} Order ‘Eid Gifts/Clothes
{Thu} 15 Minute Kitchen
{Fri} Review Budget
{Sat} Errand Day

Print this week’s Flylady notebook materials:
Flylady Check List Jun 8 – 14 | FlyLady Ramadhan Missions Jun 8-14| Potluck MenuParty FoodsSuhoor MealsRamadhan Travel  | Catalog/Internet Order Tracker

Hand-made Natural Ktichen Cleaner
Spray bottle (empty of course)
2 cups hot tap water
1/2 tsp liquid soap (or liquid dish soap)
2 Tbs vinegar
1 tsp. borax*

5-10 drops an essential oil such as lemon or lavender (optional)

Fill bottle almost to the top with hot tap water. Add all the ingredients. Put the lid on. Shake until borax is dissolved.

To use, adjust the nozzle to spray a mist. Spray surface, let sit 2-5 minutes, then wipe down.

If you don’t have essential oils, try using Dr. Bronner’s or another brand of vegetable-oil based liquid soap in lavender, eucalyptus, peppermint, or citrus.

*Borax is a natural mineral made of water, oxygen, sodium and boron. It is toxic if consumed orally, so keep it away from children and pets. Borax has antiseptic, anti-fungal and antibacterial properties. You will find it at Target, Wal-Mart, and grocery stores.


Stay Hydrated   Keep drinking plenty of water! You don’t want to start Ramadhan dehydrated! Please read: Signs of Dehydration

 Easy-Peasy Ramadhan Menu Planing & Grocery Shopping Remember last year when we did a month-long menu for Ramadhan? Well, pull it out of your notebook! You can use it again this year!

Change things up a bit if needed. But since last year’s Ramadhan was also in the summer, your meals should work just as well this year.

While we’re at it, recycle your grocery lists from last year as well. This includes looking back at shopping lists that matched up with those menus.

ᴥ Recipe: Fruit Juice Medley ᴥ  This drink is an oldie but goody! Serve with any meal or as the base of a protein smoothie. Yield: 5-6 servings depending on size of glasses.

Juice of 3 medium oranges
Juice of 2 lemons
1 cup pineapple juice
2 cups ice water
Sweetener to taste (e.g. stevia, honey, etc)

Combine all ingredients and serve well chilled.

ᴥ Recipe: Cucumber and Onion Salad ᴥ
Here is a classic salad! Yield: 5-6 servings depending on size of glasses.

1 large cucumber
Crisp lettuce
¼ cup sliced green onions
1/3 cup French dressing (recipe below)

Wash, pare and slice cucumber. Trim onions, wash and slice crosswise, then add to cucumbers and toss. Serve in lettuce cups.

Note, we use kitchen shears to cut green onions. It’s faster and safer so that the little ones can do it.

ᴥ Recipe: Lemon French Dressing ᴥ
This one is easy yet tasty! Yield: about 1 cup.

1/2 cup salad oil (olive or safflower oil)
1/3 cup lemon juice
1 teaspoon salt
Up to 2 tablespoons honey (or sugar) if desired
½ teaspoon celery seed, if desired
clove of black pepper, if desired
1 teaspoon paprika

Combine all ingredients and shake well before serving.
This dressing is also an excellent marinade for cooked vegetables, meat, and fish.


Book Recommendation:  The Bad Consequences of the Tongue By Sheikh Zamzami. Pages: 38 Binding: Paperback.
$5 MTWS Bookstore $5 {Link HERE}

“ … Issues discussed include the heart, the tongue expressing what is in the heart, the sweetness of faith, guarding your tongue from haram, sayings of the pious predecessors, nameema (tale-carrying), overcoming the evil habit of backbiting, exceptions to backbiting, and more.“

Article: “Deeds are Presented to Allah during Sha’ban” . . .
Usamah ibn Zayd (may Allah be pleased with him) said,” I asked the messenger of Allah a question. I asked why do you fast  in Sha’ban more than any other month? He (peace and blessings be upon him) replied saying;  People are negligent between Rajab and Ramadan. During Shý baan the deeds are presented to the Lord of all the worlds. Therefore I desire to be fasting when my deeds are lifted.”

Collected by Ahmed ( 5/200) , An-Nisaýi (2357), Al-Bayhaqee in Shýb Al-Eman (3820) and Ibn Abee Shaybah in his Musanaf (9765). Shaykh Al-Albani (may Allah rest him in Jannah) and Muhammad Adam (may Allah preserve him)both graded this hadeeth as Hasan

Benefits  taken from :Thakiratul ‘Uqbah fee Sharhul Mujtabah. An Explanation of Sunnan An-Nisa’i written by Muhammad Adam Al-Ethopia. [Vol 21 page 266-268.]  Shaykh Muhammad wrote;

**         (Usamah ibn Zayd) ibn Haaratha ibn Sharaheel Al-Kalbee. He died in Madinah in 54 Hijrah. He was 75 years old at the time of his death.

**        (negligent between Rajab and Ramadan.) Means and Allah knows best- The people used to perform extra worship during those two months, and during Shaýban they were lax.

**    (During Sha’ baan the deeds are lifted to the Lord of all the worlds.) Good deeds should be performed during Sha’ban. One of the best deeds is fasting.

(Therefore I desire to be fasting when my deeds are lifted.) As-Shaykh Walideen (may Allah have mercy upon him) said,” If you ask, What does this mean? It is written in Bukhari and Muslim that the deeds of the servant for the night are lifted to Allah before the day. And the deeds for the day are lifted before the night?

I say there are two possible answers for this question:

1.      The deeds of the servant are displayed to Allah daily.  The weekly deeds are presented to Allah on Mondays and Thursdays.  The yearly deeds are presented to Allah in Sha’ban. Hence deeds are presented to The Most Merciful one after the other. There is wisdom behind deeds being presented to Allah in this fashion; whoever wants to ponder over this can.  And if Allah wills the servant will understand why this happens; otherwise he won’t. And the wisdom will remain with Allah. Allah sees, hears and knows everything.

2.      Daily deeds are presented to The All-Knowing daily in detail and weekly deeds are presented in general to Allah. And Allah knows best.

Translated by Abu Aaliyah Abdullah ibn Dwight Lamont Battle
Doha, Qatar. 6/8/1429

Source: http://www.salafitalk.net/st/viewmessages.cfm?Forum=6&Topic=9134

ᴥ Article: “Saying Ramadan Kareem” ᴥ
Explained by Shaykh Fawzan and Shaykh Uthaimin.
The ruling conerning this is, this phrase Ramadan Kareem . .  Continue Reading {HERE}.

—Quick Tip—
Print the articles and store them in a 3-ring binder labeled “Ramadhan Library”. Ramadhan related CDs or even USBs can also be kept in this binder.


Learn and review lessons about Ramadhan. We provide the audio, you supply the ears, time, and attention. Choose from any or all of the speakers below. Plan a schedule; it really helps. And take notes too!
Fasting Ramadhan — Dr. Saleh as-Saleh:

♦ Ending the Fast – Iftar

Bulugh al-Maraam: Book of Fasting — Dr. Saleh as-Saleh:

♦ Hastening To Break the Fast♦ Blessing of Sahuur – Breaking the Fast

Sunan Abee Daawood: The Book of Fasting – Moosaa Richardson:

♦ A Woman Experiencing a Wet-Dream in Ramadaan, Kissing One’s Spouse (Intimately) whilst Fasting, The Disliked Nature of this for a Young Man, The ruling on Madhee (pre- ejaculatory fluid) for the Male/Female, Does being in Janaabah (a state of impurity) prevent the Beginning of a Fast? The Expiation of a man who had Intercouse with His Wife in Ramadaan, Masturbation during Ramadaan? Intercourse with a Wife who is Fasting (for the non-fasting man)?

Umdatul Ahkam – Kitabul Siyaam (The Book of Fasting):

Lesson 2 of 5


Question: Three Questiosn Dealing With Bidah in Sha’baan Question #1: We see some people specifying the 15th of Sha’baan with particular supplications and reciting the Qur.aan and performing naafilah prayers. So what is the correct position concerning this, and may Allaah reward you with good?

Question #2: Is standing the night of the 15th of Sha’baan in prayer and fasting during it’s day legislated?

Question #3: When my father was alive, he entrusted me to give sadaqah (charity) according to my means on the 15th of Sha’baan every year, and likewise I have been doing this ever since. However, some people have admonished me for doing so saying it is not permissible. So is giving sadaqah on the night of the 15th of Sha’baan permissible according to the willment of my father or not? Kindly advise us and may Allaah reward you with good.

All of the answers are found in {HERE}.

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