Ramadhan Planner 2014/1435H {Jun 22-27 Selections Selections & Countdown: Final Week!}


checklist Count Down Insha’Allah, Ramadhan 1435 starts at the end of the week insha’Allah!

Make Up Fasts Keep making up those missed fasts! Remind your family members and friends too.

Don’t Fast Too Close to Ramadhan Don’t fast a day or two before the start of Ramadhan. The exceptions are things such as fasting to make up a fast, or fasting because it is your habit to do a particular fast. Here’s a complete explanation:

Audio {Day of Doubt – Exceptions | Day of Doubt – Do Not Fast}.


puzzle family 2 Ramadhan Planner Family Education & Crafts
Wander through the archives on our Family site: http://rplanfamily.wordpress.com/.


bulletin board Print the Following for This Week ᴥ You will need to print the following for you planning binder (the Flylady printables are given in the next section).
Ramadhan Check List Jun 22-28 |

 ᴥ Oil Change Reminders ᴥ
If you haven’t already done so, get the oil in your car changed this week! That way, ou will not have to deal with oil changes when you are fasting and hungry, or busy with worship!

ᴥ Get Your Car in Order ᴥ
Below are some areas to have your mechanic check on your car to get it prepared for Ramadhan and ‘Eid.

  • Cooling System
    Check the radiator, coolant, belts, hoses, cooling fans, heater core and water pump.
  • Tires
    Check for correct tire pressure in all five tires (includes the spare), tread depth, uneven wear, and lumps. If you’re close to needing tires, get them now.
  • Steering and Suspension
    Have your mechanic check the suspension, front end, and steering components.
  • Change the Oil
    Keep up on oil changes. This is particularly important in the summer.
  • Air Conditioning
    Make sure that the AC system is fully charged with refrigerant.
  • Transmission
    You want clean transmission fluid.

Spruce the car up; make it smell good. Take care of it and it will take care of you, insha’Allah!

 ᴥ Emergency Car Repair Supplies ᴥ
Keep your vehicle stocked with emergency road supplies. Here’s a nice list!

  • Coolant
  • Gallon or two of water
  • Oil
  • Duct tape
  • Spare tire
  • Tools: screwdriver, a couple of flares, a pair of pliers, vice grips, wire coat hanger
  • Flashlight
  • Fix-a-Flat
  • First aid kit
  • Sealed foods (like protein bars, etc)

Source: Car Talk

hand broomᴥ Either/Or ᴥ
We are offering two approaches to getting the house in gear for Ramadhan: DeClutter & Clean, and Flylady. You can choose which one works for you or do both, or do a combination of both.

 Tackle Clutter & Clean – Assignment #10: Unclutter and Clean Purses, Handbags, Bags
Have you decided which purse and bag you will use during Ramadhan? You may even want to decide now which purse you will be carrying throughout Ramadhan and get it ready for use.

To declutter your purse:
Start by taking everything out!
Yes, E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G!

Now, toss all trash.

Next, is your wallet. Remove receipts and other pieces of paper.

To stay organized, use pouches to hold things like lip balm, small sized hand lotion, etc. And consider downsizing to a smaller purse/bag to prevent clutter.

Finally, restock your purse and wallet. Only return the items you truly use. Don’t carry around what you don’t need. This includes the things you just took out of your bag.

Make uncluttering your purse a long-term habit by scheduling time to do weekly (or monthly) purse cleanings. And when you return home from shopping trips, immediately remove receipts and place them with the rest of your household paperwork.

Here are some general decluttering tips:
—spend 15 minutes at a time uncluttering
—make your intentions to please Allah
— set a timer for 15 minutes or use this Online-Stopwatch (click on Count Down)
— toss trash items into a plastic grocery store bag or trash bag

ᴥ Assignment #11: Touch-up the Living and Dining Rooms ᴥ
By now, the living and dining rooms need another round of cleaning. Since we deeply cleaned and decluttered these rooms about a month ago, they do not need as much as before.

Here are links to the original cleaning list; use them as a guide to the touch-up:

Flylady Ramadhan
Continue flying! You can read each day’s mission details from this link {HERE}.

{Mon} Warm Your Home
{Tue} Review Menus/Supplies
{Wed} Learning Du’aa
{Thu} Review Invites
{Fri} Review Your Budget
{Sat} Possibly Day 1 Ramadhan

Print this week’s Flylady notebook materials:
Flylady Check List Jun 22-28| FlyLady Ramadhan Missions Jun 22-28


Stay Hydrated   Keep drinking plenty of water! You don’t want to start Ramadhan dehydrated! Please read: Signs of Dehydration

A List of Things to do in the Kitchen This Weekᴥ 
With Ramadhan being at the end of the week, there is still time to prepare. One useful idea is to pre-make foods, mixes, and spice packs.

Here is a sample list:

  • Make freezer meals or season and freeze meats.
  • Mix up spice blends that you will be using during the month. Store in a labeled jars or containers.
  • Chop and freeze onions, celery, garlic, carrots, etc for soups and stock.
  • Prepare chicken stock, pour into freezer-safe jars and freeze it for soups or meals.
  • Pre-make the dry ingredients to waffle or pancake mixes, oatmeal spice packs, etc. Store in clearly labeled containers; include the date it was made.



Book Recommendation:
“Al-Mujahadah (The Struggle Against the Soul)”
By Imam an-Nawawi (with explanation by Sh. Muhammad Ibn Saalih al-‘Uthaymeen). Paperback. 96 pages. MTWS Bookstore $11

“Strive for whatever benefits you . . . make every effort to acquire all that is good, whether it’s for your deen or your dunya.” However, the religious advantage takes precedence when our deen conflicts with the dunya.

Article: “30 Lessons in Fasting – Shaykh Fawzan”
03. The Virtues of the Month of Ramadan; How Should the Month be Greeted {HERE}
04. What is Befitting that the Time Be Occupied with During Ramadan  {HERE}
05. Clarifying the Beginning of the Fasting Day and Its End {HERE}

Setting Goals for Ramadhan: The True Good Life (Audio + Printable)
Listen to a previously taught class on how to achieve a good life. Next, select a goal from one of the ones mentioned in the lecture. Then use the printable packet to make a step-by-step plan of action to reach your objective insha’Allah.

You will find the details {HERE}

Repeat: Practical Way To Benefit From Ramadhaan ᴥ
We went over this before but it does not hurt to repeat it.

Benefiting from Ramadhaan is divided into two categories: goals, and preparations.

I. Goals
Each person should make goals that he wants to achieve in the month of Ramadhaan. Continue reading {part 1, Goals}

II. Preparations–Daily Plan
Each person should make a daily planner for Ramadhaan.
Here is an example . . . Continue reading {part 2, Daily Schedule}

—Quick Tip—
Print the articles and store them in a 3-ring binder labeled “Ramadhan Library”. Ramadhan related CDs or even USBs can also be kept in this binder.


Learn and review lessons about Ramadhan. We provide the audio, you supply the ears, time, and attention. Choose from any or all of the speakers below. Plan a schedule; it really helps. And take notes too!
Fasting Ramadhan — Dr. Saleh as-Saleh:

♦ Sincerity

Bulugh al-Maraam: Book of Fasting — Dr. Saleh as-Saleh:

Hastening to Break the Fast

♦ Blessing of Sahour – Breaking the Fast


Sunan Abee Daawood: The Book of Fasting – Moosaa Richardson:

♦ Fasting & Traveling

Umdatul Ahkam – Kitabul Siyaam (The Book of Fasting):

Lesson 4 of 5


Question: Period-delaying Pills to Fast all of Ramadan
I have taken contraceptive pills in Ramadan. Should I make up for the days during which I did not have my period through the contraceptive effect of the pills and so I observed Sawm (Fasting) and offered Salah (Prayer) on them with the people? Is there any sin on me for taking these pills?

It is permissible for a woman to take a medicine to delay her menstrual period, so that she can perform Hajj or ‘Umrah (lesser pilgrimage), or observe Sawm in Ramadan, provided that it will result in no harmful effect on her. You do not have to make up for these days in which menstrual bleeding was stopped by the effect of the pills and you observed Sawm with the people.

May Allah grant us success! May peace and blessings be upon our Prophet Muhammad, his family and Companions!

Source: Ifta – Ramadhan

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