Ready to Print: Ramadhan 1435 Calendar

Regular Size Calendars
2014 ramadhan cal

(click on any image to see it close up)

The Ramadhan calender for 1435 (2014) is ready for printing!

This year’s calendar is a blend of Hijri and Gregorian dates. It shows Ramadhan’s start and estimated end dates. Each day is labeled with the numbered day and night, the odd nights, and a reminder of when to start looking for the new moon of Shawwal. And the approximate time for ‘Eid is written in big red text.

Click on the image to the left to see a close-up view of this calendar.

Download it here: Ramadhan 2014 Calendar


up close minicalOur mini-cals are fun little calendars that fit into small spaces. They are also a blend of Hijri and Gregorian dates.

The Ramadhan dates are the focus so whole month fits on one page while the Gregorian dates are in small print.

→ MiniCals in Black & White Text

  • Islamic MiniCal {HERE}
  • Festive MiniCal {HERE}
  • TableTop Islamic MiniCal {HERE}
  • TableTop Festive MiniCal {HERE}

→ MiniCals with Color Text

  • Islamic MiniCal {HERE}
  • Festive MiniCal {HERE}
  • TableTop Islamic MiniCal {HERE}
  • TableTop Festive MiniCal {HERE}

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