Ramadhan Planner 2014/1435H {Laylatul Qadr Special}


checklist Odd Nights Count Down The last 10 days of Ramadhan and the first of the odd nights started Friday (July 18th).

Make Du’aa Create your du’aa list by reading this: Practical Way To Benefit From Ramadhaan – Goals {HERE}

Stay Hydrated   We’re serious about this water thing! It is very hot. Plus the fasting day is 16+ hours! Stay hydrated! Drink plenty of water once you’ve broken your fast! Know what dehydration looks like by reading: Signs of Dehydration


Various Articles on Laylatul-Qadr
–On Clarifying the Virtue of Laylat-al-Qadr and Hastening to Strive in It {HERE}
–When is the Night of Al-Qadr? {HERE}
–The Supplication and Al-Qadar {HERE}
–The Virtues of the Night of Al-Qadr {HERE}

ᴥ  “Why we should seek Laylatul-Qadr on all of the last ten nights of Ramadan” ᴥ
Shaykh Al-Islâm Ibn Taymîyah –Allâh have mercy on him– was asked about the Night of Decree (Laylatu Al-Qadr) while he was imprisoned in the Tower of Al-Jabal. Read his reply.


We provide the audio, you supply the ears, time, and attention. Choose from any or all of the speakers below.  Plan a schedule; it really helps. And take notes too!

Laylatul Qadr – Night of Decree
Dr. Saleh-as-Saleh of Understand-Islam.net {Listen on AbdurRahman.org: Laylatul Qadr}

Umdatul Ahkaam — Seeking Laylatul Qadr
Dr. Saleh-as-Saleh of Understand-Islam.net {Listen on AbdurRahman.org: Seeking Part 1 | Seeking Part 2}

Menses at time of Laylatul Qadr
Dr. Saleh-as-Saleh {Listen on AbdurRahman.org: Menses}

Women Sad Because They Cannot Fast
Dr. Saleh-as-Saleh {Listen on AbdurRahman.org: Women Sad}

Stories of The Salaf in The Last Ten Nights of Ramadhaan
Shaykh Arafat Muhammady {Listen on SalafiAudio: Stories

The Status of the Last Ten Days of Ramadaan
Mustafa George {Listen on SalafiAudio: Status}

The Virtue and Excellence of The Last Ten Nights of Ramadhaan
Shaykh Muhammad ibn Rabee’ al-Madkhalee. {Listen on SalafiAudio: Last 10}


What are the signs of Laylatul-Qadar (the night of power)?

From amongst the signs of Laylatul-Qadar is . . . Continue Reading {Fatwa-Online}

Question ᴥ 
Some of the Muslims have taken the 27th night of Ramadhaan as Laylatul-Qadar. Is their any basis for this specification and is there any evidence for this?

ᴥ Answer ᴥ
. . . However, the overwhelming opinion of the people of knowledge, from the forty or more opinions, is that Laylatul-Qadar . . . Continue Reading {Fatwa-Online}

ᴥ Question ᴥ
Some people seek Laylatul-Qadar so they active by offering their prayers and other forms of worship whilst they do not do likewise on other nights in Ramadhaan, so is this in accordance with that which is correct?

ᴥ Answer ᴥ
. . . for certainly Laylatul-Qadar changes . . .Continue Reading {Fatwa-Online}

ᴥ Question ᴥ
What are the actions that a woman who is on her menses, the actions she might perform while she is looking for lailatul qadr?

ᴥ Answer ᴥ
Oh my daughter, have glad tidings and give glad tidings to the others . . . Continue Reading {Salafitalk}

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