Ramadhan Planner May 10, 2015/1436H {5 Weeks To Go}


calendar-icon-mdCount Down There are approximately 5 weeks left until Ramadhan 1436 insha’Allah!

Make Up Fasts Keep making up those missed fasts! Remind your family members and friends too.


puzzle family 2Source for Ramadhaan-Related Activities & Crafts Search Pinterest for Ramadhan craft and educational activities. Use “Ramadhan Crafts” or “Ramadhan Activities” search tags.

Ramadhan Planner Family Education & Crafts  Look through the Planner Family’s site for some Ramadhan activities for the kiddos.

nota2Planning Workspace Storage
Hopefully you have picked out a cozy space in your home to do your Ramadhan planning. Now, what about storage for the supplies you’ll be using?

There are many choices such as cardboard boxes or photo boxes. Baskets work well also. And so do tote bags especially if little ones are about. The bag can put placed out of reach when not being used. And totes have pockets for ink pens and other supplies.

No matter what your choice is, make sure it is a good fit for you.

Meet Ups Help with Ramadhan Planning
Partner up with another sister to get prepared for Ramadhaan. The meet-up can be in person, by phone or online (thru emails, chat, etc.). The most important thing is to find a willing buddy — or two or three. It’s more motivating and helps with focus.

Here is what one sister did:

“. . . so last night I met up with a dear sister and we discussed our preparation for this coming Ramadan. We discussed preparation before Ramadan starts and our goals during Ramadan. I felt that it was extremely productive and I feel so ready for Ramadan now…alhamdulillah.”

So, plan that meet-up! And take your Ramadhan Planning binder along.

Schedule Medical/Dental Visits
If you know that you will need medical or dental care, try to get it done before Ramadhan. This will keep you from spending Ramadhan recovering from any treatment. Make a list before hand of what you want to discuss with your doctor.

If you have any special health conditions that may be affected by fasting, see your health care provider before Ramadhan. During the visit, ask for suggestions on working out a schedule for taking medications before or after the fasting day.

Week 5 Print Outs
Print these items for your Ramadhan notebook/binder:

hand broomRamadhan Prep Declutter & FlyLady Week 5
These weekly and daily tasks help you get organized and get the house cleaned before Ramadhan. 

Read the assignments online here {Declutter Wk 5 | FlyLady Wk 5}; print them from the Print Outs section above.

  • Declutter/Clean Week 5: Clean and clear the Master Bedroom this week. If you have a master bath, you will find cleaning the bathroom {HERE}
  • FlyLady Week 5 Assignments: | MonPlan for Taraweeh  | Tue–Plan with Planner  | Wed–What Size are We  | Thu–Errand Day  | Fri–Budget Review  |

Buying in Bulk
A couple of years ago, we came across the wonderful free eBook called “Buying in Bulk.” It’s a basic guide to help people buy food in bulk to save money and shopping time. And since we start a little bit of pre-planning our Ramadhan menus this week, the timing is excelling for reading this book now.

Download and read/print {Buying-In-Bulk} pdf.

The author published the eBook under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 United States License. http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-nd/3.0/us/

Hot Weather Recipes
Once again, Ramadhan will be during the hottest part of the year. Plan ahead by collecting recipes and tips for summer-time eating.

Stocking Your Medications and Vitamins/Supplements
Last week we started writing the family’s medications and vitamins lists. As you continue to work on that, plan ahead for which medications and vitamins you will need to resotck for Ramadhan. Either make notes directly on the Medication/Vitamin form as you go, or make a separate shopping list. And most pharmacies will fill medications for three months at a time, allowing you to skip going to the pharmacy during Ramadhan. You will find the Medication/Vitamin form {HERE-pdf} or {HERE-spreadsheet}

Hydrate Your Body
Stay hydrated! Drink plenty of water. Do you know the {Signs of Dehydration}?

RAMADHAN READING LIST open book.svg.med
Reading is a good way in increase your knowledge about Ramadhan. We hope you gain some benefit from the articles below. Print and store them in a 3-ring binder.

Articles on Ramadhan:

  • The Best Sadaqa is During Ramadan — Shaykh Muhammad bin Haadi. Read {HERE}
  • Rulings for Fasting that are Specific for Women – Sh. Saalih al-Fawzan. Read it {HERE}

 Book Recommendations:

  • Sittings During the Blessed Month of Ramadhan (Shaykh Saalih al-’Uthaymeen); English trans. $32. This treatise is a discussion of various topics concerning Ramadhaan such as fasting, taraweeh prayer, zakaat ul fitr; broken down into eight short lessons.


Important Means to Assist the Woman During Ramadhan
Question: What are the most important means that will assist the woman upon obedience during the month of Ramadan?
Answer: Saalih Al-Fawzan. Translated by Rasheed Barbee {HERE}

Daily Program for Women
Question: What is the daily program for the muslim woman in Ramadan so that she can worship her Lord and at the same time tend to the needs of her household?
Answer:  Sheikh Sulaymaan ar-Ruhayli, may Allaah preserve him, answers:

“The daily program for the Muslim woman is that of the man’s except that the woman increases in an act of worship and that is that if the woman strives in tending to the needs of her husband and household and prepares enough food for them that will suffice them, then she is in the obedience of Allaah if she seeks the reward from Allaah while doing that.

In this is her reward and an increasement of her good deeds and it is befitting for the Muslim woman to busy her tongue with the remembrance of Allaah when she is preparing the food. So while she is cooking she is saying subhaanallaah, while she is cooking she is saying laa ilaaha illa Allaah, while she is cooking she is remembering Allaah and in that is a great reward for her. Like this, preparing dinner will never divert her from the worship of her Lord in the day of Ramadan.

So congratulations to the Muslim woman who serves her husband and the people of her household and all the while looking for the reward from Allaah and along with this she isn’t neglectful about the remembrance of Allaah and she carries out what she is able to from worship during the day of Ramadan. For indeed she has succeeded a great success.”

Translated {http://www.sahab.net/forums} by Abu Fouzaan Qaasim
American student studying in the Islaamic University of Medinah from Chester, PA

Source: Salaf-us-saalih.com

For this year’s Ramadhan audios we chose the Introduction to Fasting and/or the Fiqh Course–Ramadhan. We have divided the lessons into a weekly schedule covering the next 6 weeks. This should help prepare you ahead of time for Ramadhan.

Introduction to Fasting — Dr. Saleh as-Saleh A useful series on Ramadhan. Great for beginners. This week’s lessons are:

{#4} Goals and Virtues 

{#5} Ramadhan’s Merits 

{#6} Manners of the Prophet 

Fiqh Course: A Guide to Fasting – presented by Moose Richardson Sunan Abee Daawood’s Book of Fasting, and Imaam ibn Baz’s Rulings on Fasting. This week’s lessons are:

{#3} The Time of Breaking the Fast and its Various Issues

{#4} Backbiting whilst Fasting, Using the Miswaak; Rulings: Toothpaste, Dental Work, Eye and/or Drops

Ramadhan Audio for Sisters
These classes address questions and situations sisters frequently have. This week’s lesson:

{#2} Menses – Stopping at Fajr and During the day

Other Audio Files Here are other excellent recordings on Ramadhan.

  • Bulugh al-Maraam’s Book of Fasting — Dr. Saleh as-Saleh {HERE} {HERE}
  • Umdatul Ahkaam’s Book of Fasting — Dr. Saleh as-Saleh {HERE} or {HERE}
  • Illness and Medical Treatment, Oral Hygiene, Travel, Pregnancy, Nursing {HERE}

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