Ramadhan Planner May 24, 2015/1436H {3½ Weeks To Go}


calendar-icon-mdCount Down There are approximately 3 ½ weeks remaining until the start of Ramadhan 1436 insha’Allah!

Make Up Fasts Keep making up those missed fasts! Remind your family members and friends too.

Hydrate Your Body
Practice your hydration skills. Drink plenty of water. Read {Signs of Dehydration}


puzzle family 2 Religious Poetry for Kids Here is a poem on fasting called {Fasting Tummy}! and another encouraging children to read the best book ever {Come and Read Qur’aan}!

Recyled Crafts for Ramadhan
We kinda think your children will like these crafts to keep them busy preparing for Ramadhan:

  • Egg Carton Mancala — Make a game with an egg carton and dry beans {HERE}
  • Recycled Calendar — Turn an old calendar into a new one! {HERE}
  • Wall Decals Ramadhan Calendar — Use wall decals to make a calendar {HERE}

Fire Safety Planning and Activities for Kids
Smoke detectors go a long way towards fire prevention. However, we still need to know what to do in case of a fire. Here are some really great resources for teaching children about the fire safety:

  • Create a home-fire escape plan  including how to teach children what to do {HERE}.
  • Lessons, printables, and activities for grades Pre-K-5 that teach and reinforce crucial fire-safety skills with students {HERE}.
  • Activities, lesson plans, fact sheets, and more to help teach children about fire and other types of safety {HERE}.
  • Coloring pages, activity sheets and more {HERE}.

smoke-detector-mdORGANIZED RAMADHAN
Change Batteries in Smoke/Fire Detectors 
Smoke detectors in the home help prevent serious fires. And the batteries in the smoke alarms should be changed each year (or per manufacturer’s instructions).

We like to use the approach of Ramadhan as the yearly reminder for fire alarm maintenance. Here are some recommendations:

  • Change the batteries in your fire alarm/smoke detector this week
  • Test all smoke alarms by pressing the test button to be sure the alarm is working
  • Replace all smoke alarms once they reach 10 years old

Source: National Fire Protection Association {HERE}

Schedule Vacation Time for Ramadhan and/or ‘Eid
Let your employer know of your need to use vacation time for Ramadhan or ‘Eid. Make it more possible to receive the time off you want by getting your request as early as possible.

Master To Do List
Looking for a nifty place to write down all those things that you ought to do for Ramadhan? Print this {Master To-Do List} . We like it for its simplicity. It’s a straightforward “jot ’em down” sort of form.

Week 3 ½ Print Outs
Print these items for your Ramadhan notebook/binder:

hand broomRamadhan Prep Declutter & FlyLady Week 3½
These weekly and daily tasks help you get organized and get the house cleaned before Ramadhan.

Follow the Declutter and FlyLady printouts in the section above. Or read them online {Declutter Hall and Bath and Laundry} and {FlyLady Week 3½}.

FlyLady This Week:
{Mon: Warm/Fling} {Tue: Menus} {Wed:  Ordering} {Thu: Errand Day} {Fri: Budget Review}

Women Keep Your Homes Clean and Organized — Sh. Fawzan
Advice from Shaykh Salih Fawzan: Keep your homes clean and organized

Shaykh Fawzan: Be diligent (O sisters) in managing your time, such that your work can be enjoyable. And make you homes always like a clean organized garden; for the home is indicative of the lady of the house.

And with cleanliness and organization, the home will have the most beautiful representation, even if the furniture is modest and humble; and the opposite is also true.

When the husband and the children return from their jobs and studies tired, and they find a home organized and clean, it will lessen their stress and their load; and the opposite is true.

Therefore, a clean organized house is from the most important means for the home to be serene and comfortable.

Translated by Rasheed ibn Estes ibn Estes Barbee {HERE}.

How to Menu Plan
We have created a guide on how to menu plan. This will be helpful for those who have never planned their meals before. We believe that planning meals before Ramadhan arrives, saves so much headache once the month of fasting is here.

How to Menu Plan {HERE}.

Sugar-Free Coconut Macaroons (Gluten-Free)
Macaroons are an easy to make cookies. And this recipe skips the sugar but uses Stevia instead. You will find the recipe here {Delicious Sugar-Free Coconut Macaroons}.

Prophetic Medicine — Eat Seasonally
″. . . the Prophet used to eat from the fruits that were in season in his land, as this also is one of the best methods of preserving health.Allah’s wisdom decided that every land has its own fruits that are suitable and beneficial to that land when in season. When the people consume these fruits they will help preserve their health and well being and it serves as several medicines.

On the other hand, those who refrain from eating the fruits of their area will be among the most ailing persons and the farthest from good health and well being.

The wetness that the various fruits contain represents the favorable heat of the season and the land. The stomach would then be able to bring the fruits to maturity and would fend off their harm, if one does not eat them excessively causing his nature to bear what it cannot bear.″

Source:— Medicine of the Prophet

Chemicals in Food Plastics Affect Children
Scientists have proven that chemicals used in making plastics—many of which is used in making baby bottles, water bottles, —act like hormones in the human body.

Here is an article with specific ideas on how you can protect your family from potential harm: {How to Limit Efffects of Bisphenol-A Upon Children}.

RAMADHAN READING LIST open book.svg.med
Reading is a good way in increase your knowledge about Ramadhan. We hope you gain some benefit from the articles below. Print and store them in a 3-ring binder.

Articles on Ramadhan:

  • A Word for the Host — from ad-Dawal ila-Allah. “. . . how many times do we spare a thought for our host, the one who goes to the effort of preparing and providing food for his fellow Muslim? Continue reading {HERE}.
  • Inner Secrets of Fasting – Imam Ibn Qudamaah Al-Maqdisee. “Know, that in the fast (Sawm) is a special quality that is not found in anything else. Continue reading {HERE}

 Book Recommendations:

  • What Shaytaan Does to Some Muslims During Ramadhan — Shaykh Muhammad al-Imaam; English trans. $6 Shaytaan, sitting upon every Path of obedience . . . may make you forget the obedience of Allah in order that you shall not embark upon it and not even think about performing it and that you should not desire it nor should you love it to be from its people.

Woman Praying in Niqaab
Question: Noble Shaykh, may Allah preserve you, what is the ruling for the woman wearing gloves and niqab while she establishes the prayer?
Answer: Sh. ‘Uthaymeen. Translated by Rasheed Barbee, Masjid Tawheed wa Sunnah {HERE}

Women Showing their Feet in Prayer
Question: “Should a woman cover her feet when she prays?”
Answer: Shaikh al-Albaani {HERE}

Does Anger Invalidate the Fast
Question: During Ramadan, if something angers a person thus while he is angry he begins to insult and curse, does this invalidate his fast or not?
Answer: The Permanent Committee of Scholars {HERE}

For this year’s Ramadhan audios we chose the Introduction to Fasting and/or the Fiqh Course–Ramadhan. We have divided the lessons into a weekly schedule covering the next 6 weeks. This should help prepare you ahead of time for Ramadhan.

Introduction to Fasting — Dr. Saleh as-Saleh A useful series on Ramadhan. Great for beginners. This week’s lessons are:

{#7} Rulings on Who Must Fast

{#8} Rulings Related to Travel

{#9} Rulings Related to Sickness

Fiqh Course: A Guide to Fasting – presented by Moose Richardson Sunan Abee Daawood’s Book of Fasting, and Imaam ibn Baz’s Rulings on Fasting. This week’s lessons are:

{#5} The Fasting Person having an Emission (wet-dream), Hijaamah (Cupping) whilst Fasting, Using Kuhl, Vomitting Intentionally, Eating/Drinking Forgetfully, Inhaling Water during Wudhoo

{#6} Woman Experiencing Wet-Dream, Kissing the Spouse, Janaabah, Intercourse, Masterbation, etc., in Ramadhan

Ramadhan Audio for Sisters
These classes address questions and situations sisters frequently have. This week’s lesson:

{#3} Menses – Inhibitor

Other Audio Files Here are other excellent recordings on Ramadhan.

  • Bulugh al-Maraam’s Book of Fasting — Dr. Saleh as-Saleh {HERE} {HERE}
  • Umdatul Ahkaam’s Book of Fasting — Dr. Saleh as-Saleh {HERE} or {HERE}
  • Illness and Medical Treatment, Oral Hygiene, Travel, Pregnancy, Nursing {HERE}

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2 thoughts on “Ramadhan Planner May 24, 2015/1436H {3½ Weeks To Go}

  1. Assalaamu ‘alaykum,

    jazaakum Allaah khayran to all of the sisters who are doing this blog. I can’t even find the words to tell you how much help this is to be organized before Ramadaan. I am a working Muslim mom so keeping track of all the important things to do before Ramadaan is very important.. and even being reminded about the useful lectures/audios to read/listen.

    Are you doing any other FlyLady related “organizing” than this Ramadaan planner?

    • wa alaykum as salaam,
      glad this site is helpful for you; getting organized before Ramadhan is a tough one for all of us.

      this is the only FlyLady type of thing in my life but i have incorporated some of the FlyLady concepts and ideas that i have learned over the years into my daily household habits. i tend to like the Fascinating Womanhood household management and the Donna Smallin approach (unclutter and clean + organize) because remaining clutter-free, being organized, and managing the home is what i need the most help with. there is a Muslim FlyLady yahoo group but i don’t know if they are active anymore.

      take care & thanks for the comment!

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