Ramadhan Planner June 7, 2015/1436H {1.5 Weeks To Go}

Count Down We have approximately 1 1/2 weeks (12 days) remaining before the start of Ramadhan 1436 insha’Allah!  

Make Up Fasts Keep making up those missed fasts! Remind your family members and friends too.

Teaching Your Children: Supplication when being Insulted in Ramadhan  Here is the supplication to say when being insulted while fasting. Make the dua into lessons. Some lesson ideas are copywork, posters, listen and repeat as a group, flash cards, etc.

  • Click this -> arabic insulted when fasting print it

Religious Poetry for Kids  These make excellent lessons during Ramadhan. Some lesson ideas are copy work, posters, listen and repeat as a group, flash cards, etc. {Poems on Character & Manners}

Do You Have an Emergency Plan for Your Family
We seek refuge with Allah from natural disasters and emergencies. And does your family have an emergency plan? Do you know where the emergency exits are at your masjid? Are you prepared? Here are some resources:
  • Children and Disasters {HERE}
  • This page provides links to resources useful for the whole family, but children especially, in addressing ways to reduce vulnerability to certain disasters as well as disaster preparedness, creating a family plan, responding to and recovering from disasters.
  • Family Preparedness Course Page {HERE}
  • Intended for people interested in helping prepare their families to survive potential disaster. It will help you make a family disaster kit, develop a family disaster plan, and be informed about and prepared for typical disasters in your area.
  • Severe Weather: Heat Wave {HERE}
  • Hot weather preparedness and safety information and how individuals and communities can become  become StormReady.

Additional Resources:

  • Federal Emergency Management (FEMA) {HERE}
  • American Red Cross {HERE}
  • Extension Disaster Education Network {HERE}

Vehicle Maintenance
 This week, get some basic vehicle service for Ramadhan. Make sure your tires are the right pressure and in good condition. Have your car’s battery, belts, hoses, radiator, and fluid levels checked. We will add more car-related chores next week insha’Allah.

Week 1.5 Print Outs
Print these items for your Ramadhan notebook/binder:

Ramadhan Prep Declutter & FlyLady Week of Jun 7
These weekly and daily tasks help you get organized and get the house cleaned before Ramadhan. Follow the Declutter and FlyLady weekly printouts in the section above.

Declutter/Clean This Week: Clean and clear the dining room and kitchen this week. Read the assignment online here {Dining Room and Kitchen}; get the printable in the Print Outs section above.

FlyLady This Week: {Mon: Clean & Fling} {Tue: Plan &Play} {Wed: No Procrastination} {Thu: Errand Day} {Fri: Budget Review}

Read the assignments online here {FlyLady Week 1.5 Weeks}; get the printable in the Print Outs section above.

Freezer and Pantry Inventory
Since we are in the kitchen this week, take stock of what is in your freezer/refrigerator and pantry/cupboards.

Use these helpful forms:

How to Remove Coffee or Tea Stains from Cups
Many people use bleach to remove stains left on coffee cups from tea or coffee. However, there is a non-chemical alternative.

Sprinkle salt on a sponge then scrub the stains well. If you need something stronger, mix equal parts of salt and white vinegar to scrub the stain with. Your cups and mugs should be looking like new again.

Homemade Cleaning Supplies
We have a whole list of recipes and instructions on how to make cleaning supplies for your home. You can read them {HERE}.

Almond Cinnamon Frappe (Dairy-Free)
Serves 1

2 tablespoons Almond Butter
1 cup Amond Milk*
1 tablespoon honey
1/4 teaspoon ground cinnamon, plus more for sprinkling

Put the almond butter, almond milk and honey in a blender. Blend til foamy.
Fill your glass with ice, pour over the blended mix. Sprinkle with cinnamon and serve.

Recipe Source: MarthaStewart.com

* Almond Milk:  Make almond milk by blending 1 tablespoon almond butter in 1 cup water

How to use Soft/Wilted Vegetables
Chop wilted veggies such carrots, celery, tomatoes, or broccoli. Freeze for a later date, or use them immediately in vegetable stock or blend into soups, stews, juices.

Freshen Cutting Boards
Salt is a low-cost and chemical-free way to remove odors from wood chopping boards. To deodorize your cutting board, sprinkle it generously with walt. Then rub lightly using a damp towel. Finally, wash the board in warm, sudsy water, rinse well and dry.

Restock Medications and Vitamins/Supplements
Start the month of Ramadhan with a full supply of medications and vitamins. Check your pill and vitamin bottles to see what needs to be reordered. Write a reminder on your personal calendar if your refill is due in Ramadhan. Also, check with your pharmacy about getting a 3-month supply of medications.

Hydrate Your Body
Stay hydrated! Drink plenty of water.  Read {Signs of Dehydration}

Reading is a good way to increase your knowledge about Ramadhan. We hope you gain some benefit from the articles below. Print and store them in a 3-ring binder.

Articles on Ramadhan:

    • Practical Way to Benefit from Ramadhan — Use the {myPlan} form with this 2-part series on preparing for Ramadhan
      • Part 1 – Set Goals:  Each person should make goals that she wants to achieve and some things she can do to earn some rewards in the month of Ramadhan. Includes examples. Read {HERE}.
      • Part 2 – Preparations/Daily Schedule:  Each person should make a dialy planner for Ramadhan. Includes examples. Read {HERE}.
    • The best Sadaqa is the Sadaqa of Ramadan —Explained by Shaykh Muhammad bin Haadi. From the Lecture The Guidance of the Salaf during Ramadan. Translated by Rasheed ibn Estes Barbee.
      Read the entire article { HERE}.
  Book Recommendations:
  • Taqwa and its EffectsShaykh Rabee ibn Haadee al-Madkhali; English trans. $12. At-Taqwa is defined in comprehensive detail in this concise treatise. It contains a Question and Answer section of real life instances when Taqwa is necessary to discern the right behavior from wrong one.

Fighting the Soul
Question: “How can I fight my [own] soul in [making myself] love acts of obedience, seeking knowledge, learning knowledge, and praying in congregation?”

Answer: Shaykh ʿAlī ibn Yaḥyá al-Ḥaddādī said:

How do you fight against your soul…. This means you compel it. Compel your soul. Your soul says, “No, don’t attend the lesson.” Tell it: “Rather, I will attend the lesson.” Start your car and head off to the lesson.

This is the solution.

You hear the call [to the prayer] while your soul is feeling sluggish, loving sleep. Tell it: “No, there’s no [more] sleep; there’s prayer.” Get up, perform ablution, and walk to the mosque.

Once, twice, three times, it’s over. [Your soul] will become compliant. Your soul will become compliant and give in to you.

But if you pamper it—every time it tells you, “Don’t do it,” you say, “Hearing and obeying”—it will overpower you. You will not be able to direct it.

So then the issue, after Allāh gives one true success and [one] puts [his] trust in Allāh, is one of your overpowering your soul and compelling it, and it will become compliant for you after one, two or three times, if Allāh wills.

Translated by Mikail ibn Mahboob Ariff (@MikailMahboob)
Source: http://www.miraathpublications.net/en/

Ramadhan: Analyze Yourselves

click the orange play button


Previously Recorded Classes — For this year’s Ramadhan audios we chose the Introduction to Fasting and/or the Fiqh Course–Ramadhan. We have divided the lessons into a weekly schedule covering the next 6 weeks. This should help prepare you ahead of time for Ramadhan.

Introduction to Fasting/Fasting Ramadhan — Dr. Saleh as-Saleh A useful series on Ramadhan. Great for beginners. This week’s lessons are:

{#10} Repentance 

{#11} Sincerity

Fiqh Course: A Guide to Fasting – presented by Moose Richardson   
Sunan Abee Daawood’s Book of Fasting, and Imaam ibn Baz’s Rulings on Fasting. This week’s lessons are:

{#7} Menstruating/Post-Natal Bleeding Woman

Ramadhan Audio for Sisters

{#4} Menses Start at the Time of Adhan of Maghrib 

Other Audio Files Here are other excellent recordings on Ramadhan:

  • Bulugh al-Maraam’s Book of Fasting — Dr. Saleh as-Saleh {HERE} or {HERE}
  • Umdatul Ahkaam’s Book of Fasting  — Dr. Saleh as-Saleh {HERE} or {HERE}
  • Illness and Medical Treatment, Oral Hygiene, Travel, Pregnancy, Nursing {HERE}

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