Is Your Car Ready for the Trip to Eid?

car talk logo So, as you know, ‘Eid is literally right around the corner.

Most of the time, ‘Eid salat is held in a place other than the masjid. That means, you will need to get your vehicle prepped for the trip. Although it will be a short trip for most, it can be a real journey for others. Either way, you don’t want to be hitch-hiking on ‘Eid due to auto difficulties.

And before I forget, please, please, please! Remember the people in your communities who do not have a car and therefore have no way of getting to ‘Eid. Ask around to see if someone needs a ride to and offer it to them.

So, you want to make sure your car has enough of the following:

  • oil
  • gas
  • water (battery, radiator)
  • windshield washer fluid
  • air (in tires)
  • a spare tire or fix-a-flat
  • other (whatever that is for your situation)

If you have been going to the masjid every day during the month of Ramadhan, your car needs some TLC by now. Short trips do the most damage to automobiles.

Finally, if you are having some car troubles, visit the Car Talk website. They even have a radio show you can listen to. Sometimes I listen because the guys are just hilariously funny when answering “my car’s broke down . . . please help” questions. You can tune in online or in the real world (by radio):

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Oil Change Reminder

If you haven’t already done so, get the oil in your car changed this week!

This way, you will not have to deal with oil changes when you are fasting and hungry, or busy with worship!

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Ramadhan Prep: Get Your Car in Order Part #2

Oil Change Reminder

Ramadhan Prep: Get Your Car in Order Part #1

Ramadhan Prep: Get Your Car in Order Part #2

Hopefully, you’re in full Ramadhan mode by now — you’ve got your meals planned, contemplated your dua’a list, and you are thinking about what your ‘Eid plans will be. But have you thought about your faithful servant — your car?

This year, Ramadhan will be in August Insha’aAllah – one of the hottest months of the year in many countries around the world.  Is your auto ready for all those trips to the masjid in this kind of weather?

Below are some tips to get your car prepared for its upcoming endurance test.

Cooling System

Check out the entire cooling system: radiator, coolant, belts and hoses , cooling fans, heater core and water pump.


Make sure that you have the correct tire pressure in all five tires (includes the spare).  Check for tread depth and uneven wear.  Also, run your fingers along the tread and feel for lumps.  Don’t be cheap! This is no time to try to save a few bucks. If you’re close to needing tires, get them now.

Steering and Suspension

Go to your mechanic and ask him to check the suspension and the front end, including ball joints, tie rods and steering components.

Change the Oil

Make sure you stay on top of your oil changes. This is particularly important in the summer, since a hot engine needs all the lubrication it can get.

Air Conditioning

You might consider asking your mechanic to check to make sure that the AC system is fully charged with refrigerant.


You’ll want to make sure your transmission fluid is nice and clean. Dirty transmission fluid is a good recipe for cooking your transmission until it reads “well done.

Mechanic Check List

P.S. Here’s that list you can print out and take to your mechanic.

  1. Check out the entire cooling system: radiator, coolant, belts and hoses, cooling fans, heater core and water pump.
  2. Tires: check tread depth, uneven wear and tire pressure, and get a real spare.
  3. The front end: check ball joints, tie rod ends and steering components.
  4. Change the oil. Look for leaks.
  5. Check the air conditioning system: refrigerant level, compressor clutch and belts.
  6. Check the transmission. Are you close to the recommended service interval? Is the fluid nice and clean? Any leaks?

When you get all of these things done, give the car a nice washing inside and out! Spruce her up and make her smell good. Take care of her and she will take care of you!

Emergency Car Repair Supplies

Keep your stocked with emergency road supplies. Here’s a nice list!

  • Coolant
  • Gallon or two of water
  • Oil
  • Duct tape
  • Real spare time (throw out that Mickey Mouse spare tire)
  • Screwdriver, a couple of flares, a pair of pliers, vice grips and maybe a wire coat hanger or two
  • Flashlight
  • Fix-a-Flat

Source: Car Talk
Taken from Summer Driving Tips by Click and Clack, the Tappet Brothers

Cooling System

Ramadhan Prep: Get Your Car in Order Part #1

Gearing Up
The end of April is a great time to think about servicing your riding beast.

Start with getting the oil changed in your car this week even if it is not due yet but especially if it’s over due. This way, you will totally not have to deal with oil changes when you are fasting and hungry or busy with worship!

If you get it done this week, the next oil change date will be shortly before Ramadhan. And the subsequent change date will be after Ramadhan inshallah.

Suggested Oil Change Schedule
Mark your calendars with the following dates so you will remember.
April 25-30
July 25 – 30
October 24 – 29

Hassle-Saver Tip
Use an oil changing company that also vacuums out the car, checks the battery and other mechanical parts, and replaces fluids. Paying a little extra (most offer it free) for those services is well worth the money, especially if you are not mechanically inclined or too busy to do it  yourself.

Money-Saver Tip
Here are some coupons for your next oil change. It’s a good idea to use a junk email address (not your personal one) and a kunya when signing up for coupon offers.

Jiffy Lube: Save $5 on an oil change (fill out form at website in order to print coupon)

Oil Can Henry’s: Save $10 on a 20-Point oil change. Plus, get a $20 Castor Rebate for up to $20 off on a future oil change at Oil Can Henry’s. Both offer Expire April 30.

Valvoline: Save $6 on any full-service oil change. Expires 5/31/11

Meinke: Save $4 and other various offers.

If you don’t see your oil changing company in the above list, search for its name + coupons in a search engine.  And you can always call your shop to ask if there are any current specials or offers.

Do you have any Ramadhan Prep suggestions? Drop a comment!

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What’s in Your Back Seat

Most people who own an auto could use a little help getting the car’s contents organized. If you plan to go to the masjid

this Ramadhan, you and your family/friends will be in the car a lot more than normal.

Take advantage of the few remaining weeks before Ramadhan to put an end to the car-clutter: clean out those back

seats! Here are some very clever ideas from some very clever people.

Car Glove Box Organizer

Car Organizer

Store everything you need for the road in a small accordion-file folder, vehicle registration and insurance information, emergency contact numbers, maps, and directions (file them instead of having to rewrite them every time). Martha Stewart

  • Be sure to store your vehicle’s maintenance records as well. You can even stash a few “emergency” dollars and coins too.

Car Trunk Organizer

Car Trunk Organizer // "Summer Organizing Tips" // Photo: Martha Stewart
Arrange trunk supplies in a heavy-duty container that has handles. This will keep items from rolling around when you make those sharp turns and sudden stops. Stock your trunk bin with paper towels, first-aid supplies, flares, duct tape, flat repair, jumper cables, extra oil, etc.  Also consider packing a bag with food and water and other supplies in case you break down.  Martha Stewart

  • Take advantage of the current Back-2-School sales! It is easy to find inexpensive containers and organizers this time of year.