Fabric Napkin Project

With Ramadhan less than 4 months away, it would be nice to have some *new* fabric napkins to use for dinner!

Here is a little sewing project.

Project ::  Fabric Napkins sewn by hand or machine

Patterns & Instructions :: Use your own, or one of these

Napkin Template (Windy Hill Designs) — instructions to make your own pattern

Stitch a Dinner Napkin (Stitch and Boots) — super easy sewing method

Other Resources ::

Simple Napkin Template (diy Maven) — sizes for lunch and dinner napkins

Napkin Tutorial (Split Hemz) — napkins with mitered corners

Linen Napkin Tutorial (Design Mom) — another mitered corner napkin


Top 8 Reasons Why Planning Your Meals is a Waste of Your Time

Menu planning is for restaurants and school cafeterias! Although some people menu plan for their families, it may not be for you! As a matter of fact, planning your meals might be a waste of your time if ….

1) The drive-thru at your local McDonald’s knows you by voice! And you think it’s cool!

2) You’re addicted to the 3P’s (preserved, pre-packaged, in plastic).

3) You love to play the grocery store game and loose!

4) Constant hunger keeps you on your toes!

5) Your kids believe hot dogs are a food group … why ask for another battle!

6) You inherited $10 million dollars and can afford your own grocery store, personal shopper, and chef!

7) Your 2-year old would miss his regular play-date with store employees at Ray-Ray’s Shop-til-You-Drop Mart!

8) You believe that eating dinner at a table with your family will give you the cooties!

If you agree with any of the above statements, then menu planning is just not for you. But, if you disagree with at least one statements, you might want to consider taking up menu planning as a lifestyle.

Meal planning (menu planning) is where you sit down and plan out what you will cook for breakfast, lunch, and dinner for one week at a time. Lunch is usually leftovers so a lot of people don’t plan that. And some families plan snacks too.

Menu planning is for families who want to get more organized and have less stress in their lives. An additional goal for some moms is to shop wisely and reduce and/or eliminate wasted food. They base their meals around what’s currently on sale at their local grocery stores, and by what they currently have in their refrigerators and pantry.

Check out these FREE Menu Planning Forms from us!

Ramadhan Planner’s Top 8 is based on “Eight Reasons Why Menu Planning Is A Terrible Idea” (read it at brainfoodeyecandy.blogspot.com/) by Christine Steendahl, founder of “Dine Without Whine” – a family friendly weekly menu planner website where she helps families eliminate the dinner hour stress and re-discover the pleasure of the dinner hour.

If you just found this site

I received an email from a sister yesterday. She just found this site (alhamdulillah) and wants some advice on how to get started with 3 days to go until Ramadhaan.

I’m sure there are plenty others who are in this same situation. Here is what I recommend doing.

First, plan your meals.
Print out a menu planning sheet and plan your meals from Wednesday (we may start fasting then) until Saturday. Then, on Saturday print and plan your meals for the following week. Keep doing this each Saturday/Sunday.

Next, plan your day.
Print out one of the daily planners and think about how you want to spend your days during the month. Plan until Saturday only. This will keep you from getting overwhelmed. Then, each Saturday print and plan your days for the following week(s). Keep doing this each Saturday.

This post Sample Schedule/Plan your Ramadhaan days and nights should really help.

Then, set and plan some goals for yourself and family. Use this mini-workbook to help.

Next, go thru the Flylady Ramadhan posts and see which ones you need and have time to do. During the month, I’ll be posting reminders of things we need to do.

Remember to do it the Flylady way. Set a time limit for each activity. Use a timer to keep you on track.

If you have any questions, let me know! I’ll be glad to help out!

By the way, I’m not genius enough to come up with the Ramadan Control Journal. Another sister I know (Umm Sabr) did that. Isin’t she wonderful?

Ramadhan Menu Planner Form

Here are printable Menu planner and grocery planner sheets to use during Ramadhan.

Menu Planner

There is space for planning one week’s worth of suhuur, lunch for non-fasters, breaking the fast, and dinner meals.

Print double sided to save paper and/or plan 2 weeks of menu’s in the same sitting.

Shopping Planner

This is laid out to give 4 week’s of shopping lists per page. If you run out of space, use the next week’s column (cross out the heading). There is a small amount of space to write in dates.

One reason to keep track of what you purchased the previous week is to keep you from accidentally buying something you don’t need. It also helps you keep track of what your family may not like to eat.

Print Menu Planner and Shopping Planner at the links.


It’s time to start thinking about planning our Ramadhan schedules and days. There’s plenty to choose from!

Daily Activities Planner — A planner set up by times: Fajr/Early, Dawn/Morning, Dhur/Noon, Asr/Afternoon, Maghrib/Evening, Ishaa/Night

Blank Timed Daily Planner A 7-day timed daily schedule starting at 4am ending at 10pm.

Ramadhan Timed Daily Planner — Another 7-day timed daily schedule starting at 4am ending at 10pm but with the days of the week in Arabic and English printed along the top.

Weekly Planner 24hr-Day *NEW Jul/10* — A 24-hour 7-day timed daily schedule.

Blank Ramadhan Calendar — A blank monthly calendar for the month of Ramadhaan.

Weekly Planner (Interactive) *NEW Jul/10* — An editable weekly plan sheet. Type in two row’s worth of daily routines (or anything else) at the top of each day before printing. Featuring Sun-Mon with blank lines for hand-written things to do for the day. Separate sections for Notes, Tasks List, Calls to make, Email, Shopping Reminder.