6 Weeks Away: Flylady Ramadhan (Missions 1-5)

Let’s start flying! Here are this week’s mission assignments:

  • {Mon} Clean & Fling
  • {Tue} Start a Control Journal
  • {Wed} Making up Fasts
  • {Thu} Errand Day
  • {Fri} Face Your Budget

Print this week’s Flylady notebook materials:

Read the following this week:

  • Control Journal Intro Pack

Mission #1 Monday: Clean and Fling!

We are ready to kick off the FLYing through Ramadan Cruise!

Your first assignment is a Clean and Fling Mission!

When doing your Weekly Home Warming* today, grab a small trash bag or one of those plastic grocery bags – make friends with it as you are going to carry it through your weekly home warming.

As you enter each room, when you see anything that needs to be tossed – just fling it into your bag. It is amazing how much stuff we have laying around that can be tossed that we just don’t take care of, and before you know it a hot spot is flaring up!

Don’t think too hard or obsess over this, just fling, fling and fling some more. Give yourself bonus points if you fill the bag up!! LOL!!

Have fun and remember we are FLYing!

*A note to those of you familiar with FlyLady terms: Because the word Blessing has the meaning of ‘worship’, and we know that we do not worship anything other than Allah subhana wa ta’aala, I have changed the term ‘Weekly Home Blessing’ to the ‘Weekly Home Warming’ in order to avoid any possible reference to shirk.

Mission #2 Tuesday: Start a Control Journal

Today is our Plan and Play Day.

Your mission for today is to create a Ramadan Control Journal.

Now before you break out the colored index tabs and sheet protectors, DO NOT get caught up in having the “perfect” Ramadan planner and think that you need a fancy notebook or specific type of planner.

Flylady has done this for the past few years and she usually goes and grabs an old spiral notebook from one of her children and rip out the used pages.

You will be able take this with you shopping, and try to make sure you take it in the car as well. You can also add some lined notebook paper to your regular control journal and make it a ‘Ramadan’ section. Just remember not to get so obsessed over what you use that you end up not using it, because you are spending too much time making it perfect.

An Islamic version of the Holiday Control Journal is available for you to print out and put in your Control Journal. Use the files provided above.

Use your Ramadan Control Journal to plan ahead for menus, meals, grocery lists, study lists, gift lists, etc. This is what you can use to keep track of masjid schedules, phone numbers, catalog orders, and miscellaneous errands that need to be taken care of. Tape or staple an envelope in the notebook and this is where you can keep track of your receipts so you don’t overspend on entertaining your guests.

For today, grab your Control Journal and start jotting down some of the basics that are necessary for the way that you celebrate Ramadan. Just 15 minutes will help bring peace to this blessed month of Ramadan.

Don’t forget to take some time out just for you today!!

What is a Control Journal
“The Control Journal is your own personal manual for listing and keeping track of your routines. You cannot build a control journal overnight. It takes awhile, and even when you think it is done, you will find that you may change your routines once in awhile to make them better and more efficient. Go slow – build a control journal that works for you! “

Alternatives to the Spiral Notebook
“You can use a notebook, a binder, or even a scrapbook, it doesn’t matter – it just has to work for you.” Put about 10-20 sheets of paper in it.

Household Planner
Additionally, you can also use the household planner that we designed just for Muslimahs {Muslimah Weekly Planner Sun-Sat}

Mission #3 Wednesday: Making Up Your Fasts

It is Anti-Procrastination Day!

We are headed out on our Ramadan Cruise!

The mission today is for anyone who still has days to make up for fasting from last Ramadan.  If you have no days to make up because you have already done so, then alhamdulillah you have a FREE day! Unless you want to do some extra fasting.

We know that it is very important not to miss any days of fasting, but as women we often don’t have a choice.  Because we usually have our menses, or may not be able to fast due to the strains of pregnancy or breastfeeding, most of us have to miss at least a few days or a week, if not the entire month, of fasting.  The important thing is to make up these days so as not to enter into this Ramadan without having done so.

Your mission for today is to figure out how many days you still need to make up, and then plan ahead for which days you will fast between now and Ramadan. Make sure you start each day with the intention of the fast being for the days from last Ramadan.  Remember to let your husband and family know, so they can remind you if they see you starting to eat.

We know that the Prophet (peace be upon him) fasted on Mondays and Thursdays, so with 6 weeks left, perhaps if you fast on those days you will meet your required days, inshaa Allah.  If you have more than 10 or 12 days to make up, you’ll need to fit them in on other days.

Do you know how important it is that we make up these fasts?  Do you know what will be required of you if you are unable to complete them?  What will you be required to do in order to make up for missing this important act of worship?

Please visit this link for some fatawa related to this very topic, as the scholars can make it much clearer than I can, alhamdulillah.


Mission #4 Errand Day 

Asalaamu alaikum ya akhawaati,

Today is Errand day and your mission for today is to pick up any detail items that you can.

Are you going to be having guests?  Then extra toothpaste, soap and toilet paper might be in order.  Are you going to be traveling?  Then small sized toiletries might go on your list.  Will you be doing crafts with the kids?  Then pick up the necessary items for your projects – glue, tape, markers, and the like.  You get the idea…

Try to get these things together and put them in the rooms where they will be used.  Having these things early and ready will prevent those late night dashes to the store that end up costing you far more than just tape or toilet paper.

Remember not to obsess over these things.  We are going to cruise through Ramadan one babystep at a time!

Have fun!

Mission #5 Friday: Face Your Ramadan Budget!

Your Ramadan mission for today is to take time out to establish a budget for Ramadan and Eid.

Look over your menus and gift lists and try to work on a budget for these things. When you establish a budget, and try very hard to work within that budget, you will find that you do not go overboard on your spending because you have taken the time out to plan and think things through instead of shopping impulsively.

Try to establish when you can start your shopping and to break it down into small manageable tasks. You need to figure out how much money you can afford for:

  • travel expenses
  • meals
  • baking
  • gifts
  • postage, etc.

You can put these numbers into your Ramadan planner that you created in Mission #2. This way you have your lists and budget all in one place.

Taking things that are overwhelming and breaking them down into baby steps help us keep the CHAOS away!!

Have fun!


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