5 Weeks Away: Flylady Ramadhan (Missions 6-10)

We’re continuing to fly! This week’s mission assignments are:

  • {Mon} Plan for Taraweeh
  • {Tue} Plan with Planner
  • {Wed} What Size are we
  • {Thu} Errand Day
  • {Fri} Review Budget
  • {Sat} Errand Day

Print this week’s Flylady notebook materials:

Mission #6 Monday: Planning for Taraweeh prayers

Asalaamu alaikum ya akhawaati,

Your Ramadan Mission for today is to jot down in your Ramadan Control Journal what themes you will have for the iftaar meals that you will be hosting, inshaa Allah.

Are you going to do Middle Eastern, Italian, or strictly potluck? That is it.  You are not to drag out the cookbooks just yet.  We will get there!

For now just make a plan of what the theme will be for each meal.  This is to help you decide what kinds of meals to cook that will leave you and your guests energized and ready to perform the Taraweeh prayers.

Just jot them down in your Ramadan Control Journal.

We are going to have fun FLYing through Ramadan!

Have fun!

Mission #7 Tuesday: Planning with Your Ramadan Control Journal

Asalaamu alaikum ya akhawaati,

Today is our Plan and Play day! This means that you take time out to work in your Ramadan planner and then to make sure you play today!

Even if you only take 15 minutes just for yourself, make sure you do it!

Today, review a bit in your planner/control journal and start filling in a few more things. Have you decided whether you are traveling this year or staying home? Have you decided how many iftaar dinners you want to host and who you want to invite to your home, and how many meals do you want to be immediate family only? You need to make some decisions and start to plan for this:

  • If you are traveling then start to work on your travel dates and transportation.
  • If you are inviting company to your home, start planning a guest list and how you will prepare to have them in your home.
  • If you are staying home with no guests, start planning how you want to spend your time – taraweeh prayers, masjid events, community events, etc.
  • Don’t get carried away and spend 4 hours making every single decision today, just take care of some basic details.

Again, remember to take time out today to PLAY! This can be treating yourself to a bubble bath, going out for ice cream, reading a surah in al-Qur’an or a chapter in a book that you have been trying to finish; it doesn’t matter what you do, just that you do something fun today!

Have fun!

Mission #8 Wednesday: What Size are We

Asalaamu alaikum ya akhawaati,

We are throwing up those sails for our Ramadan Cruise! Today is Anti- Procrastination Day!

Your mission for today is to do a “What size are we?” mission!

This means that you write down the sizes for your family: height, sizes for shirts, pants, pajamas, dresses, shoes etc.

Place this list in your Ramadan planner. Have them ready to make shopping for those Eid outfits a little less hectic.

That way, if your mom wants to send Eid outfits for the kids, when you are asked “What size is little Ahmed?” you won’t have to do the zany brainy shuffle of thinking back to your last clothes shopping, or rummaging through laundry to look at size labels.

This will also help you in getting ready for Back to School, which is right around the corner!

Make sure you gets sizes for yourself and your spouse as well. No more wracking your brain trying to remember, you have your trusty Ramadan planner and can refer to it whenever you need to.

Have fun with this! This one mission will save you a great deal of hassle when trying on outfits!

Mission #9 Thursday: Errand Day

Asalaamu alaikum ya akhawaati,

Today is Errand Day.

Your Mission for today is to review your Ramadan Control Journal and see what items on your list can be taken care of while doing your errands.

If you are headed to the grocery store, can you pick up a few items for the iftaars that you will need? Baking supplies are so expensive when they are all bought at one time. If you start adding a bag of flour, nuts, spices, etc., to each shopping trip, you will hardly feel the purchases rather than waiting for one big trip.

This applies to other things as well. If there are small gifts that you would like to purchase, you can add one or two things to your trips to the store. Again, saves time and money from those major shopping sprees.

If you are heading to the Dry Cleaners, does your nice abaya, good dress, suit, etc. need to be cleaned and pressed? How about the Home Improvement store? Do you need light bulbs, air fresheners, toiletries for guests, etc? Try to slowly add a few things on to your errand day each week and you really will not notice the small bits of extra time versus the monster rush to get it all finished three days before Ramadan begins.

Safety tip: Be sure that you are checking your smoke detector batteries regularly.  It is recommended to change them when you change your clocks for Daylight Savings, but please remember to check them now if it has been a while.  That way you can add safety to your blessed month of Ramadan.

One other thing I like to splurge on is a new toothbrush for everyone!

Have fun!

Mission #10 Friday: Reviewing the Ramadan Budget…

Asalaamu Alaikum ya akhawaati,

Today is desk day and your mission for today is to review your budget for the blessed month of Ramadan and look to see how and when you can take care of the shopping that you will need to do.

You need to take into account groceries for iftaar and suhoor meals, as well as purchasing new clothes for the Eid.

Be careful and thoughtful, as we know that the use of credit cards are haraam due to the riba involved, so we don’t want to destroy our blessings by racking up bills that will be haraam.  Fit your budget around what you can afford to pay for now. If this means a little less than what you would like, try to remember how great it will feel not to have the guilt of incurring riba.

Set limits and work within them. Don’t look to buy hostess presents that will impress, look to give gifts that will be loved. Be creative.  Look for fun and creative ways to express your thanks to your iftaar hostess without busting your budget.

If you want to give sadaqah, you can find creative gifts that are also beneficial, such as purchasing a cow for a family in Palestine to slaughter for Eid, or a well to be dug for a village in Somalia.  Do these things and put them in someone else’s name so they will benefit in the sadaqah, inshaa Allah.

Don’t look at budget planning as a chore and as something that is depressing. Look at it as a challenge that you know you can handle! Take pride in the fact that you are planning this year in a way that you never have! You are FLYing!

Have fun!


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