4 Weeks Away: Flylady Ramadhan (Missions 11-15)

We’re continuing to fly! This week’s mission assignments are:

  • {Mon} Warming & Flinging
  • {Tue} Plan Menus/Have Fun
  • {Wed} Order for ‘Eid
  • {Thu} Errand Day
  • {Fri} Review Budget

Print this week’s Planning & Flylady notebook materials:

Mission #11 Monday: Warming & Flinging

Asalaamu Alaikum ya akhawaati,

Your Ramadan Mission for today is to Clean and Fling!!! Monday’s are Weekly Home Warming* Hour days at FlyLady and your mission is to do a 27 fling boogie as you warm your house. (For those of you not familiar with this, you are to go through your house and find 27 things to throw away and 27 things to give away. I sometimes add 27 things that need to go to a different room – take them to the right room.)

We are cruising through Ramadan together and every time you can get rid of some clutter it is going to help you FLY! Grab one of those plastic bags that you get at the grocery store and loop it along your wrist or loop it through your belt loop on your pants, as you are going through the house just toss in the bag whatever needs to be tossed. This can be junk mail, odds and ends that have been laying around, and whatever you see that is just plain clutter and needs to be gotten rid of. Do not spend hours doing this – just have the bag handy while you are warming your home!!

Have fun!

*A note to those of you familiar with FlyLady terms: Because the word Blessing has the meaning of ‘worship’, and we know that we do not worship anything other than Allah subhana wa ta’aala, I have changed the term ‘Weekly Home Blessing’ to the ‘Weekly Home Warming’ in order to avoid any possible reference to shirk.

Mission #12 Tuesday:

Asalaamu Alaikum ya akhawaati,

Today is Plan and Play day!

This means we are going to do some Ramadan Planning and then we are going to take some time out to PLAY!

Grab your Ramadan Planner and get ready to jot down some things. Last week on Plan and Play day I had you establish what your plans for the blessed month will be, inshaa Allah: Where you are going to spend Ramadan, who with, etc. Now that you have done this it is time to establish some menus.

If you are traveling then you need to think about what you would like to bring with you to contribute if necessary. If you are hosting an iftaar dinner you need to establish what your menu will be and start shopping and invitation lists. You also need to think about if you are having guests in your home for more than one iftaar, what will you serve, and again, establish a menu and shopping and invitation lists.

Don’t forget to think of suhoor, not just iftaar, if your guests will be staying with you. Also think about lunches for any children or adults who won’t be fasting.

For today, jot down a simple meal plan and a simple grocery list. You can add to this as we go but establish something to work with. When you go shopping, you can start working off of the grocery list to bring some of the non-perishable food items home and stock up.

Don’t forget to take a bit of time just for yourself today to go and PLAY! Even if you just take a 5 minute walk around the block for some air, take time out today just for you!

Have fun!

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Mission #13 Wednesday:

Asalaamu Alaikum ya akhawaati,

Today is Anti-Procrastination day and so I am starting a ‘countdown to Ramadan’ so we don’t keep thinking there’s still plenty of time to get this all together and ready to go.  Really, we have 27 or 28 days until our first day of fasting (depending on the moon sighting, insha’Allah).  SO, with that in mind – let’s get ourselves organized!!  LOL

Your mission today is to complete your mail order, catalog order, phone order or Internet order shopping!

If you have found the perfect outfits for the kids online, do not wait until the last minute to place your orders and then find that the items you wanted are out of stock, back ordered or that you have waited too long and there will not be enough time to ship them. Use the ‘What size are we?’ page so you’ll know what size to order for everyone.

Place your orders early so you avoid missing out on what you needed and also to allow time for errors. Take time out now to take care of this or you will have to find the time later to go shopping, which then turns into impulse buying and overspending!

Have fun with this, you will feel so relieved when you take care of this!

Have fun!

Related Printed forms:
Catalog/Internet Purchases Tracker
Purchased Gift Tracker

Mission #14 Thursday:

Asalaamu Alaikum ya akhawaati,

Today is errand day and that means we pull out those Ramadan Planners and review our list and see what things we can get accomplished!!

Review your shopping lists for craft supplies or gifts and see if anything that is on the list can be taken care of while you are on your errand run. Look over your grocery lists for the menus that you have chosen and you can add a few of those items on to your weekly grocery list to stock up ahead of time.

Remember to consider other errands for as well; are there linens, clothing, coats, etc, that need to be dry cleaned? Don’t forget about the standards to get you through Ramadan as well: toilet paper, toothpaste, napkins, paper towels and plenty of window cleaner LOL! Have to keep those sinks shiny!

We are taking baby steps to FLY through Ramadan together! One thing at a time!

Have fun!

Related Printed forms:
Handmade Gifts Tracker

Mission #15 Friday:

Asalaamu Alaikum ya akhawaati,

Today is desk day and your mission for today is to review your budget for the blessed month of Ramadan and look to see how and when you can take care of the shopping that you will need to do.

You need to take into account groceries for iftar and suhoor meals as well as purchasing new clothes for the Eid.

Be careful and thoughtful, as we know that the use of credit cards are haraam due to the riba involved, so we don’t want to destroy our blessings by wracking up bills that will be haraam.  Fit your budget around what you can afford to pay for. If this means a little less than what you would like, try to remember how great it will feel not to have the guilt of incurring riba.

Set limits and work within them. Don’t look to buy hostess presents that will impress, look to give gifts that will be loved. Be creative.  Look for fun and creative ways to express your thanks to your iftar hostess without busting your budget.

If you want to give sadaqah, you can find creative gifts that are also beneficial, such as purchasing a cow for a family in a poor land to slaughter for Eid, or a well to be dug in a needy country.  Do these things and put them in someone else’s name so they will benefit in the sadaqah, insha’Allah.

Don’t look at budget planning as a chore and as something that is depressing. Look at it as a challenge that you know you can handle! Take pride in the fact that you are planning this year in a way that you never have! You are FLYing!

Have fun!


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