Flylady Ramadhan (Missions 16-20)

We’re continuing to fly! This week’s mission assignments are:

  • {Mon} Clean & Fling
  • {Tue} Plan Meal Accessories
  • {Wed} Learning Dua
  • {Thu} Shopping Lists
  • {Fri} Review Invite List

Print this week’s Planning & Flylady notebook materials:

Mission #16 Monday: Clean & Fling

Asalaamu alaikum ya akhawaati,

Your Ramadan Mission for today is to Clean and Fling!!!

Monday’s are Weekly Home Warming* Hour days at FlyLady and your mission is to do a 27 fling boogie as you bless your house. We are cruising through Ramadan together and every time you can get rid of some clutter is going to help you FLY!

Grab one of those plastic bags that you get at the grocery store and loop it along your wrist or loop it through your belt loop on your pants, as you are going through the house just toss in the bag whatever needs to be tossed. This can be junk mail, odds and ends that have been laying around and whatever you see that is just plain clutter and needs to be gotten rid of. Do not spend hours doing this, just have the bag handy while you are blessing your home!!

Have fun!

*A note to those of you familiar with FlyLady terms: Because the word Blessing has the meaning of ‘worship’, and we know that we do not worship anything other than Allah subhana wa ta’aala, I have changed the term ‘Weekly Home Blessing’ to the ‘Weekly Home Warming’ in order to avoid any possible reference to shirk.

Mission #12 Tuesday: Planning Meal Accessories

Asalaamu alaikum ya akhawaati,

Today is Plan and Play Day!

Last week I had you work on your meal plans and menus for the blessed month of Ramadan. For today, you are to add to those plans.

Do you need specific tablecloths, napkins, center pieces etc.? Don’t worry about the whole house accessories, just for the meals.

Write them down in your Ramadan Control Journal along with your meal plans and menus. Schedule yourself time to take care of laundering the linens and getting the serving dishes ready. When these things are taken care of before the blessed month of Ramadan begins, it gives us time not to have to stress about getting “it” all done!

Have fun! We are FLYing through Ramadan!

Mission #13 Wednesday: Supplications

Asalaamu alaikum ya akhawaati,

Today is Anti-Procrastination Day!

We are going to learn some supplications (or at least one) that we have been meaning to learn since we can’t remember when. Most of us know that there are specific supplications to be said when breaking your fast, but did you know there is a specific one for breaking your fast in someone else’s home?

Please visit this page to find the Arabic and English translations of some authentic supplications for the blessed month of Ramadan. These are at the bottom of the page, which also has many others that will be beneficial for us any day of the year, insha’Allah.

Happy Learning!

Mission #14 Thursday: Ramadhan Food Shopping List

Asalaamu alaikum ya akhawaati,

Today is Errand Day!!!

Today is the day to get all of your non-perishables for Ramadan! Look over your meal plans and menus to form a grocery list.

Break that grocery list down into perishable and non-perishable items. For today, try to tackle all of the non-perishable things that you can. This means the canned goods, box goods, paper goods, etc. Get all of these items taken care of and out of the way. You will feel so good to know that you have these things ahead of time, and this allows you time if you forget to pick something up.

We are making sure that we FLY through Ramadan one baby step at a time!!!

Related Printed forms:

Mission #15 Friday:

Asalaamu alaikum ya akhawaati,

Today is desk day.

For today you are to check your Ramadan Control Journal to review your iftaar invitations and gift lists.

Gifts are always a nice way to say thank you when you’ve been invited to someone’s home. What kind of gift? A small plant for their home, an hijab for the sister, or little trinkets for the kids. It shouldn’t be anything too fancy that makes the hostess feel uncomfortable with how much money you might have spent on the item(s). You need to check these over to make sure that you haven’t forgotten anyone and to check your budget.

Look over these lists and take a moment to be happy with yourself for FLYing through the blessed month of Ramadan one baby step at a time!!! Alhamdulillah, with the right intentions we can get things done the right way!

Budget; Don’t Begrudge it!

Write it down; Use the Gifts forms from last week (Gifts to Purchase, Gifts to Make)

Related Printed forms:
Handmade Gifts Tracker
Purchased Gifts Tracker


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