Flylady Ramadhan (Missions 21-25)

We’re continuing to fly! This week’s mission assignments are:

  • {Mon} Clean & Fling
  • {Tue} Plan & Play
  • {Wed} No Procrastination
  • {Thu} Errand Day
  • {Fri} Budget Review

Print this week’s Planning & Flylady notebook materials:

Mission #21 Monday: Toss the trash as soon as you see it! 

Asalaamu alaikum ya akhawaati,

If you have been following our Ramadan Cruising Plan then you know today is Clean and Fling day! This means as you are doing your Weekly Home Warming*, you are to fling as you go.

As you find yourself in each room, have a little bag with you (the plastic grocery bags are fine) and when you see something that needs to be tossed, TOSS IT!! Don’t skip it and think you will get back to it, simply grab it and toss it in your bag. This means anything that is trash! There are always things lying around that need to be tossed, but we are so used to seeing them around we don’t think to toss them. We are going to be decluttered and soaring through the blessed month of Ramadan!!

*A note to those of you familiar with FlyLady terms: Because the word Blessing has the meaning of ‘worship’, and we know that we do not worship anything other than Allah subhana wa ta’aala, I have changed the term ‘Weekly Home Blessing’ to the ‘Weekly Home Warming’ in order to avoid any possible reference to shirk.

Mission #22 Tuesday: Plan and Play!

Asalaamu alaikum ya akhawaati,

Today is Plan and Play Day! You need to review your gift list and see what items you still need to pick up and what things need to be mailed.

NOW is the time to get these items taken care of. Take time out today to really look at your gift list and make sure the ones that need to be mailed get taken care of.

Look ahead to Errand Day and see what items you can arrange to pick up. If you still need to place online orders, catalog orders or mail orders, check your list in the Ramadan Control Journal and then check them off as you get them accomplished. You don’t want to miss out on items that you really wanted to give this year because they are out of stock – just because you waited too long.

Now that we have talked about the Planning part of our day, what about the Play part? For today, make sure you take time out just for yourself. This could mean that you go to your bedroom and shut the door for 15 minutes and read Quran or an Islamic book; it could mean you have lunch with a sister you haven’t seen for a while. It does not matter what you do as long as you take some time out just for yourself to play!

Mission #23 Wednesday: Anti-Procrastination Day

Asalaamu alaikum ya akhawaati,

As always, Wednesdays are Anti-Procrastination Day!

Today is the day to work memorizing supplications.

Supplication said when insulted while fasting:

arabic insulted when fasting ‘I am fasting, I am fasting.’arabic insulted when fasting print it

Try working on the supplication for wearing a new garment. Inshaa Allah you will feel even better about wearing that new garment for Eid when you know the proper supplication to go along with it. You can also work on the supplication for someone else who is wearing a new garment, as we can expect to see many people in new clothes on the Eid, inshaa Allah.

Happy Learning!

Mission #24 Thursday: Errand Day!

Asalaamu alaikum ya akhawaati,

Remember the grocery list you broke down into categories? Well today is the day to start shopping for the perishable items on your list. This means the fruits, vegetables, and meats for the meals you plan on preparing. Remember, washing those vegetables and fruits on the same day you buy them also reduces the nutrients in them. You can do any prep work the night before you plan to cook.

Each time you make a trip to the grocery store, look over your list and see what items you can take care of. This will really help you out when you get closer to Ramadan and find that you don’t have to run out to do a mad dash through the grocery store where you over spend and exhaust yourself.

We are FLYing not dashing!

Mission #25 Friday: Review the List and Budget

Asalaamu alaikum ya akhawaati,

Today is Desk Day and today is the day that you need to make sure that you have your bills ready in one spot to pay and balance your check book.

It is so easy to forget to record things and not have your bills in one place, so when it is time to pay them you can do it with ease instead of tearing through the house because you can’t remember where you stashed a pile of mail.

Take 15 minutes today to get your bills collected and have them in one spot and go through your checkbook to make sure you have recorded the last check you wrote, the last deposit made and the last ATM transaction. These are things that when forgotten will cause errors that cost you money! Don’t forget to review your grocery list and make sure you are sticking to your Ramadan budget.


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