[Goals] The True Good Life: Audio + Printable

target_with_arrow_virgin_01.svg.medMake your goals based on a the class by Dr. Saleh as Saleh.

1. Listen to the following class

2. Download the True Good Life Goals Packet (pdf).

3. Choose a goal from one of the ones mentioned in the lecture:

  • Contentment with what Allah Bestows in Provisions
  • Salaah (See “Salah Described” lecture series HERE)
  • Fearing Allah
  • Dhikr — rememberance of Allah
  • Tawbah (See lecture “Tawbah Repentence” HERE)
  • Enjoining the Good
  • Obtaining Beneficial Knowledge
  • Teaching Beneficial Knowledge
  • Help Someone in Need
  • Concern Myself with the Next Life

4. Use the print outs in the packet to make a step-by-step action plan of how you will actualize your goal during Ramadhan.


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