Dunya/Akhira Dua Printable
In the piece titled, “Practical Way to Benefit from Ramadhaan” Mustafa George advises to make a list of things that we want in the dunya and in the next life. And then ask Allah for those things. So, we made a printable for this wonderful idea. Read more {HERE}.



3 thoughts on “Printables

  1. Though I took shahaada March 18/19, 2011 – I still feel “new” and realise I will be learning the rest of my life. This website is a great help to me. Jazakoum Allahu khayrun. Ameen.

    • As Salaamu Alaykum,

      Yes, it seems like there is always some new gem to discover about our deen. The depth of Islam can certainly inspire us to continue learning!


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