Make Du’aa List: Dunya/Akhira Printable

This page is based on Mustafa George’s lecture, Practical Way To Benefit From Ramadhaan: {read Part 1 | Part 2}.

He advises that, “For the last 10 nights of Ramadhaan, its a good idea to make a list of things that you want in the dunya and in the Next life. And then ask Allah for those things. Indeed, He gives without any measures.”

Listen to and Learn some Dua’ to Ask For
The following audio links is from a class on some of the best du’aa to make.

Blank Dunya/Akhira Printables
Make a du’aa list — we’ve created a form for you below.

Put thought into what you want to supplicate to Allah about. InshaAllah, this will make your du’aa more focused, intentional, and meaningful. And, you will not be struggling to ‘remember’ what it is you wanted to ask. Remember those less fortunate than you.

Dunya/Akhira Gelfling font  |  Dunya/Akhira KaraBen font  |  Dunya/Akhira Mickey font

Print Tip–
–Look at Page Handling
–Choose paper source by PDF page size


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