Printable Calendars & Planners

Here are many types of planners. Choose what suits you the best. If you have any special requests or suggestions, please let us know!

You will find the current Ramadhan calendars and other printables in the FlyLady Ramadhan pages in the above menu.


calendar-icon-mdJune 2015 {Planner/Cleaning Calendar} portrait (pdf). This calendar contains the weekly and daily prep assignments for June, plus a weekly countdown so you know how far away

May 2015 Ramadhan Calendar – Portrait  (pdf)
Current Ramadhan Prep calendar for May 2015. This calendar contains the weekly and daily prep assignments, a weekly countdown so you know how far away Ramadhan is, along with the current Islamic dates.

blank ramadan calBlank Ramadhan Calendar (pdf)
This is a blank 30-day calendar. You fill in the dates. Children can color in the empty squares for things such as keeping track of their fasts, good deeds, setting goals, etc.


fas muslimah weekly planner typeable formFascinating Muslimah Weekly Planner (Interactive) *
This is a Sunday to Saturday planner. It’s my 21st century Muslim “Fascinating Womanhood” mash-up. This planner has some great features:

  • The first 2 lines of each day on this form are typeable — that is you open the pdf document and type your daily routines. Then print, of course. Or, you can simply print it out as it and those typeable lines print out blank.
  • sectioned days to help us maintain our routines
  • sectioned areas: tasks list, call and email lists, shopping reminder, and notes
  • Arabesque icons
  • a tiny reminder to fast the White Days


timed planner for the weekWeekly Schedule 24hr-Day (pdf) *NEW
This is a Sunday to Saturday timed schedule that starts at 4:00 am and ends at 3:00 am. It can function as a master schedule for many things such as Ramadhan scheduling, household planning, medication planning, learning/study scheduling, etc.


daily activities prayer timesDaily Activities (by Prayer Times) (pdf)
A planner based around the times we pray (e.g. ‘Asr, Maghrib etc). This type of planner works as a Master Schedule.



daily activities blankDaily Activities (blank) (pdf)
You fill in the times and activities. This type of planner is great as a Master Schedule.




Printing Tips

  • After clicking “print”, look at Page Handling area of the print window
  • Use the following:
    • Auto-Rotate and Center
      Choose paper source by PDF page size
      Paper Scaling: Fit to Printable Area

4 thoughts on “Printable Calendars & Planners

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  3. Assalaamu alaikom- jazak Allahu Khayrun for the time you have put into the calendars. When do you think the 2013 edition of Ramadan planner will be posted?

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