Welcome to the PocketMod Page! We love PocketMods! And we believe you will too. So, just what is a Pocket Mod?

Image: PocketMod

What Is a PocketMod
Well . . . it’s a normal piece of paper. Folded up. To make a little portable organizer.  Write in the book’s pages whatever you need to keep track of. Slip it in your pocket or purse and take it wherever you go. It is a great way to stay, well, organized.

And no! That’s not my hand in the photo! Those thumbs belong to the PocketMod guy!

PocketMod is also a website. Special software on the site lets people customize their organizer. That’s what we’ve done. And we’re happy to share our creations with you!

Image: PocketMod.com

However, you need to know how to fold that paper. Bring along a pair of scissors, by the way. And a little trust too. This really does work.

Right there is a picture of the folding process; click it to enlarge the view.

And at the bottom of this page is a folding demonstration video.

*** — And now, our PocketMods — ***

What Size Are We Pocket Mod
This foldable organizer is a teeny-tiny remake of the FlyLady Ramadhan measuring What size are we mission.

Our PocketMod provides a place to write down body measurements for up to four (4) people. It also contains 4 shopping lists–one for each person measured. We’ve placed the “how to take measurements” instructions on the front cover, and a lined page for notes on the back cover.

Print on both sides of the paper for extra mileage. Decorative printer paper is inspirational. And cheap if purchased at Dollar Tree.

PocketMod Demo Video____________________________________________

{the video is from the PocketMod site; it has music so down down your speakers}


Sharing is Caring!

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