Unclutter/Clean the Car

blue-futuristic-car-mdDeClutter the Car – When uncluttering a car, take everything out. Starting with the interior, begin on one side and work around to the other. Sort removed items into these piles: 1–keep, 2–give away, 3–doesn’t belong in the car, 4–trash. Do the same for your car’s trunk.

Pile #1: This should only contain things you need and love such as Islamic listening materials for car trips.

Pile #2: If you have things in your car that you want to give to someone else, place those items in a box and label it. Store it in the house along with the other things you have been collecting to give away as part of your Ramadhan GiveAway Project.

Pile #3: Contains any items that don’t belong such as cups, forks, spoons, clothing, toys, books, etc. Place them in a box to take inside the house.

Pile #4: This is the trash pile. Toss trash in a plastic grocery bag.

Finishing Up: Now, restock your car with items from Pile #1.

Organize the Car Glove
Store everything you need for the road in a small accordion-file folder, vehicle registration and insurance information, emergency contact numbers, maps, and directions, maintenance records and some “emergency” cash.

Organizing the Trunk
Keep trunk supplies in a sturdy container or box to prevent thing from rolling around
while you drive.

Stock your trunk with paper towels, first-aid supplies, flares, duct tape, flat repair, jumper cables, extra oil, some food, water and other necessities in case you break down.

Cleaning the Car:
You will focus your cleaning efforts on the car this week. Start at the top and work your way down to the floor.

-clean the windows and mirrors inside and outside the car

Storage Compartments
-remove contents
-clean interior
-straighten and return needed items only

-sweep and/or vacuum
-spot clean upholstery

Carpets & Floors
-sweep and/or vacuum
-remove mats and clean them outside the car
-sweep and/or vacuum interior carpets, under and between seats
-spot clean carpets and mats

Wash the Car-either take your car to a people-powered car was, or do it yourself


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